Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Legion of Changes

With the Legion expansion coming up, the prepatch released a whole slew of changes.   Not the least of which is the new wardrobe and appearance options in your character's interface.   The wardrobe addresses multiple concerns that xmog addicts have had since it was released.

More Room - I'm not talking about larger sized robes but rather no more void storage. Once an appearance is learned, it is added to your account wide armor and weapon database.   Any character on that account of the proper level, class and armor type can access that item for transmog.     So you don't have to farm your favorite chest on all your plate wearers and stuff it in void storage.

Saved Outfits - You can save your favorite outfit.  Once that's done you can apply it in one move rather than changing each individual piece.  You also have the option to save an item for a specific specialization. 

Old Hat - Remember that one chest you got from that one quest in Vanilla that took you three months and it had that cool graphic and you finally, like, vendored it two years ago and bewailed the fact you'll never get it back?   It's back.   Not the chest but at least the looks.    Old quest item graphics are automatically in your wardrobe.   

It's New - When you add an item on one character, it will update when you log into a different character.   Each new item that has been added will be highlighted so you won't have to dig forever to find that new piece.

Make it Disappear - There is also the option to make your helm, cloak and shoulders disappear.    Some helms are just ugly, sometimes I want to see the back of my armor, sometimes those shoulders just...get in the way!   Well now they can be turned invisible.   Sweet huh?

That's just a few highlights.    There are some quirky ins and outs I've managed to find such as an item showing that's available for a character but then not being able transmog it.    All in all it is a HUGE improvement over void storage.  I was simply hoping for a larger closet but this is a much more elegant solution than adding a void storage tab!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Warlords of Draenor: Cragplate Armor

Warlords of Draenor has been out for while and I must admit most of the plate sets didn't do much for me. A lot of the armor was totally Iron Horde inspired. Shabby, drab, colorless, awkwardly over done in places. Most of it was "eh..." despite the glowing effects and moving parts. There were a few good sets though.

One of my preferred sets of plate armor to come out in WoD is the Cragplate gear. You can purchase the random greens from the Ravenskar set on the auction house or get the Cragplate set through questing. The Ravenskar pieces have the same model and it's a recolor of the Sharptusk Battleplate. While the Sharptusk is a pretty silver and maroon, the Cragplate combines my two favorite colors. Red and gold of course! I'm using mostly the Cragplate set with this transmog but I naturally switched out a few key pieces.




Shoulders Rossi's Rosin Soaked Shoulders Ordos
ChestRavenskar Chestpiece Random Green
BeltRavenskar Girdle Random Green
LegsRavenskar LegguardsRandom Green
BootsRavenskar SabatonsRandom Green
HandsRavenskar GauntletsRandom Green
HeadGlorious HeaddressRandom Green
WeaponBladegrease LongswordCharred Sword

I actually don't have a full set of Cragplate in the screen shot. I'm rocking Partik's Purified Legplates and a pair of old pally tier gloves. Rossi's shoulders and Partik's legs are warrior tier 16 look alikes from Siege of Orgrimmar. They both drop off Ordos on Timeless Isle so any plate wearer can get them, provided they can get to Ordos of course. The pally gloves are from the Winged Triumph tier 16 paladin set, but look alikes drop off random mobs in Siege of Org, such as Romy's Reliable Grips.

The weapon is a standard WoD sort of weapon, very tusky or spikey. I like the glow effect and the fact that it actually looks like a two hand sword on my Blood Elf female, rather than just a knitting needle like most BEFem 2Hers. It's easy weapon to get. It's one of the Draenor treasures, random items all over the world that can be targetted and looted for an item. This one is a charred sword in a burnt patch in Talador. Once you loot it you have a free sword! No, you don't get to be King Arthur afterwards, it's not Excaliboar. There are other swords with the same model but different coloring.

On a side note, please accept my apologies for broken pictures! I will be updating my images soon and fixing the links. I forgot that this blog would be affected when I took down my site. Happy mogging!