Saturday, October 20, 2012

In A Pyckle!

The terrible pun monster has struck again! But really, I AM in a pickle! My computer went boom last week. I can't even begin to tell you all the things I had on it. And of course I hadn't touched my external hard drive to back anything up for like...months? A year even? Saaaad panda!

I just barely finished the WoW Factor Deathwing and realized that of course I no longer I have all the screen shots of MY favorite outfits from the contest. I took screenies and had planned to list some of the sets that caught my eye while I was mingling after awards were handed out. No such luck. I am sincerely hoping that I will be able to salvage something, maybe if the hard drive is still good I can put it in one of my other machines. Maybe...not holding my breath though.

I've ordered a new machine from Several friends said they were good. Wow, a new gaming set up. Last time I bought a whole new set up was fifteen years ago when I first embarked upon the stormy sea of internet gaming. I won't tell you how much it cost. It was super high speed for the time. It had, OMG! an ethernet card! High speed, I'm telling ya. Last couple computers were builds. I did make sure to /snicker xmog my computer! I mean I did get a fancy case and quite a bit of cosmetic fluff this time. That's a first for me.

Now for the scary part. It's already giving me nightmares. I dreamt it arrived and it was the wrong case, the case was too small so they took the power supply of it's metal box and just crammed the guts into the bracket. Another time all the fans were broken so I went to the store to buy new ones and they only had used ones that were covered with cobwebs. Then it took five weeks to get and each week they charged my credit card. It didn't turn on. Everyone else could start it but me. And so on and so forth. Yeah, I'm nervous about getting it. I am NOT obsessed or anything! Or have any sort of computer addiction issues whatsoever! It should arrive next week.

In the mean time, working from my lag top. I did discover a particularly wonderful set of armor in MoP btw. It's the answer to a request I (and others) made on the forums quite some time ago. I'm tickled pink they added it. I'll be posting the full details of the armor set next week.

Deathwing - WoW Factor

The WoW Factor came to the Deathwing server a few weeks ago. It was very fun, and rather interesting. Everyone met in Silvermoon and our hosts hopped on Twitch TV, Elvine's channel, so we could all listen to their commentary as they judged transmog sets. You can check all the winners and read more commentary on WoW Roleplay Gear

Here's everyone getting started. More people trickled in through the show and the nice neat circle got pretty messy. They had to ask people several times to step back. Lots of people used fun little gimmicks to get noticed such as Elder's Moonstones to light themselves up or Darkmoon Firewater to make themselves bigger. One hunter was dropping flares at her feet to make herself fiery.

I was expecting something a little more organized with a first, second, third, and grand place winner and all that. Instead the way they did it was much more fun and rewarding. They simply selected people who's transmog caught their eye, discussed what worked with that outfit and what didn't and decided on a prize amount usually from 1k - 4k gold. After they did that they then select the "Top Six". Three got Blizzard Store mounts and the other three got an extra 2k each. There was also a special prize of a Blizzard Store pet that was selected solely by Brylinn, one of the sponsors.

I had the unexpected pleasure of being selected to win that nice new pet! I used the new pet UI to search blizzard store pets and see which ones I didn't have. I selected the gryphon baby! Unfortunately, the in game UI doesn't tell you that you only get that if you buy the plushy! Dang it! Second choice was the baby moonkin. I wore my smooth gold set and won with that. I think that was my favorite and hardest set I've ever put together. I'm glad Brylinn liked it!

We even had an alliance show up. She mostly lay dead in the middle of the room the whole time. Talk about a motivated spectator! I think she was wearing the cindercloth set...kind of hard to tell when they're curled up in that death position.
Looking forward to next season!