Friday, October 31, 2014

Ornate Mithril Plate

For my PvP healing set this season I used the Ornate Mithril Plate set. Well, ok I didn't really use the full set but I based my design on it. There is no belt and the shoulders are fugly as usual with Vanilla sets. I also changed out the breastplate. I think it turned out quite well. The Ornate Mithril set is crafted by Blacksmiths.

If you look on Wowhead it says the Hydralick Armor has the same model as the Ornate Mithril. It doesn't. The Hydralick has sleeeves. The Ornate Mithril leaves your arms bare in a nice tank top look. I like the sleeves however. I think it looks funny to have bare arms with larger shoulders. I've always wanted to use the Hydralick chest and one of the things that has stopped me was finding a good pair of shoulders. I was digging through my bags - literally (void storage was full, bank was full, all my 28 slot bags were full, you get the picture) and ran across Warchief's Mantle. DING!! We have a match! I had saved them from waaaay back when simply because I loved them. They're an excellent fit and fairly unique since the only shoulders that have the same graphic are all quest rewards or rare spawn drops or no longer available (unless a BS happens to have ancient crafting mats stored away). Going with the bluey teal color in the shoulders, I used the Royal Qiraji Belt that drops off the Twin Emperors in AQ40. A small belt that is perfect for bare midrift transmog.

There are LOTS of combinations of one handers and shields that I tried with this that looked very good actually. I must admit to using a contemporary shield and weapon set up however. I didn't plan on that. But once I earned my Prideful weapon and I saw it matched well...if it ain't broke, why fix it? Or in Transmog land...If it matches, why mog it? And the Shield of Mockery? Dude, totally creepy. I rather like the graphic even if the tongue thing does weird me out. Some other options would be Blackhorn's Might Bulwhark, Blessed Qiraji Bulwhark, Spire of Karabor, Unbreakable Will, Rimefang's Claw.




Shoulders Warchief's MantleQuest- Escape from Durnholde
Chest Hydralick Armor Random Drop
BeltRoyal Qiraji BeltAhn Qiraj - Vek'lor
LegsOrnate Mithril PantsBlacksmithing
BootsOrnate Mithril BootsBlacksmithing
HandsOrnate Mithril GlovesBlacksmithing
HandsConqueror's HelmetRandom Green
Main HandPrideful Gladiator's GavelPvP Vendor
ShieldShield of MockerySiege of Orgrimar

Now for the fine print. The tough part about getting this set is that the patterns for Blacksmiths to make the Ornate Mithril set are no longer in game. You need to find a blacksmith who did the quest lines for them way back when. Basically someone who was a glutton for punishment years ago. I of course looked up Gygan, who's my go to Blacksmith, sent him the mats, he made them and I gave him a nice fat tip. I'm gonna cry if he doesn't come back for WoD and I find another dusty old pattern I just need to have made. Here's a list of mats for full set:

  • Mithril Bar x80
  • Truesilver Bar x13
  • Thick Leather x10
  • Mageweave Cloth x6
  • Solid Grinding Stone x5
  • Heart of Fire x1
  • Aquamarine x1
I didn't need all those since I switched out the chest and shoulders. There are number of other pieces that you can mix and match with this blue set. It's very versatile, much like the Conqueror's Set. So if you need a dark blue piece of armor, try the Ornate Mithril. Coming out soon, I'll be doing a series of chain mail transmog sets. Best part of hunter transmog? Taming a pet to match your gear!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Warlords is Coming

Warlords are coming? I've taken a nice little break from WoW once we downed Garrosh. With Warlords of Draenor in beta stages now I'm back in the game with a renewed vigor. The break did me good since I was starting to hit that burn out phase. We lost some of our raid team along the way and it took a combined effort of both raid teams to make the Garrosh kill the first time. He's down. I wore my AQ set for the occasion, honoring the bugs of course. I even turned on my helm graphic for each Paragon kill.

Posting a couple sets I've done recently. I'll update them later with resources but most of the fun is the pictures anyway right? The first is my red and black. I wasn't a fan of the PvP paladin plate set the last couple seasons although I did like the red accents. I replaced a few pieces with Dragon Soul warrior tier look alikes. And of course used Ashkandi. That sword really is like candy! It's a very nice huge sword, even for a Blood Elf. Add in the fact it's cool looking and red and you can't beat it.

Since I've already mentioned the PvP thing, the picture below really tells you why I ventured back into PvP. I think the last time I did serious PvP is when my warrior Pyckles was a level 35 twink. I had enjoyed getting the Sergeant title on her at level 28. Well I took at look at the PVP mount and decided "I need that!" So I went out and got it by running RBGs. Rated battle grounds for those of you who are PvE junkies. I have a soft sport for equine mounts, even if or especially when they have glowing green hooves.

 photo mithrilpvpmount_zpsgd6eqmfx.png

And of course my PvP transmog. I went Holy instead of Retribution. I don't think I even transmogged my prideful weapon once I acquired it. It's based on the Hydralik check and Ornate Mithril pieces. Thanks again to my favorite Balcksmith Gygan.

I've been running around in Warlords beta and for now I'll leave my opinion of how they're doing out of my post and stick to the relevant info like what's new to transmog. And sadly...there is little in the way of color so far. More dull gray. Yech. Some of the NPCs are sporting some pretty stuff though! I'll be compiling some screenshots this week and will have some sets ready. One good thing to note for the gnomes who trasnmog, your mid section no longer disappears. Yay for new character models!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year

Good morning everyone! Yes, I am still around. I know I've taken a longer than usual break. Busy holidays. Plus I've been doing a little real life transmogging so to speak. Christmas was spent at my mother's helping my brother design a new logo and some tee shirts for his developing surfboard company. Also been putting together a set of Western Pleasure show outfits for horse shows this upcoming year.

As far as in game transmogging goes, I've done more with alts than my plate wearers recently. I have not quite finished my green set for Greatsword of Pride's Fall, although I have finally selected all the peices I want. There were a few that were toss ups. I put my black and gold set on hold when my guildie cried out in anguish that it was too close to his set. And I have been distracted by putting together a white set to match my legendary cloak. There are few irons in the fire over here so hopefully I'll get the furnace going again this week and heat up a few posts.

Happy transmogging all. I'm looking forward to a great year and hope you are as well.