Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Leather Transmog: The First Satyr's Spaulders

Well, I'm deviating here. This isn't a plate post but a leather set. A few weeks back a guildie from Throned got The First Satyr's Spaulders off of Xavius in Emerald Nightmare. Crazain is an orc Monk, not a Demon Hunter. Here's the transmog Crazian is wearing. Since an orc is wearing these shoulders, not an elf, you really, really see them! A couple other guildies made jokes about transmogging them and I thought, "Those are some wicked shoulders!" so I put together a set.

I put together two sets. Both sets use armor from multiple expansions. I tried to keep both sets with a dark and glowy red visual to match tainted Xavius look. I found this robe that just looked awesome and gives an almost warlock look. The first set is the regular tunic chest piece and the boots have open toes. I personally try to avoid open toes on boots but felt the glowy red skull look on the shafts outweighed the toes. With the robe, closed toes are a must! The green toes sticking out from under the hem black robe are just distracting. However the boots, for all that they are covered up, do also match the set very well. They're shown on the last Blood Elf Female in the bottom set of pictures.




Shoulders The First Satyr's Spaulders Drop: Xavius
ChestTunic of the Pitiless Monstrosity Drop: Serpentrix
BeltCinidaria, the Symbiote Legion Legendary
LegsFur-Padded DriftwadersRandom Draenor Drop
BootsPhasewalker StridersEncounter: Elegon
HandsAnima-Ringed FingersDrop: Dark Animus
HeadScout's HoodQuest: Saving the Sporeloks
WeaponClaws of ShekzeerDrop: Grand Empress Shekzeer
Alt ChestRobes of Treacherous Ground Drop: High Priestess Marli
Alt Boots Black Featherlight Boots Drop: Kaz'rogal
Alt HelmMelias Lustrous Crown Quests: H Vile Idolatry
A Stopping the Spread

A couple of these items take a bit to get. Some are simple farm the mobs, check the AH do the quest items. The quest Vile Idolatry for the crown takes a bit more than just doing it. You need to do a bunch of the opening quests in Burning Crusade: Hellfire Peninsula in order to open up the Mag'har faction for Horde to get the questline in Garadar in Nagrand. It starts with Farseer Korhuk who gives a three step questline. Once you've completed that you'll be able to get the quest Vile Idolatry from Farseer Kurkush. You can also get a fun bandit looking helm, Clefthood Hide Mask while doing the questline for the Mag'har. It's easier the Alliance, you need to farm a bit of Kurenai rep in order to talk to the NPC in Telar. No specific questlines. BEFORE you start any of this, make sure you're on a leather wearer who can use intellect AND that you have that spec selected for loot choice. The questing system auto selects your quest reward now. You do not get to choose between the rewards. If going questing for the Scout's Hood make sure you have an agility spec selected for loot.

The belt is a Legion legendary. Good luck getting a drop. Legion legendaries have a "random" drop rate and come from "random" sources in the Broken Isles. Basically, the more things you kill in the Broken Isles, the more chances you get for a legendary drop. They can drop off mobs or be contained in chests. The more you kill, the more you chances for getting one increase. However you can't pick which one will drop next. Some legendaries only drop for certain classes and specs. Thank goodness this belt will drop for any leather wearer, regardless of spec or class.

We all know not all races are created equal. Or for that matter are the sexes. This set looks a wee bit different on a wee bit sized Blood Elf. And well...that chest? On a female? Significantly skimpier. There are quite a few other pieces that can mix and match very well with these pieces. I'd love to know you mogged your shoulders with!

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Legion of Changes

With the Legion expansion coming up, the prepatch released a whole slew of changes.   Not the least of which is the new wardrobe and appearance options in your character's interface.   The wardrobe addresses multiple concerns that xmog addicts have had since it was released.

More Room - I'm not talking about larger sized robes but rather no more void storage. Once an appearance is learned, it is added to your account wide armor and weapon database.   Any character on that account of the proper level, class and armor type can access that item for transmog.     So you don't have to farm your favorite chest on all your plate wearers and stuff it in void storage.

Saved Outfits - You can save your favorite outfit.  Once that's done you can apply it in one move rather than changing each individual piece.  You also have the option to save an item for a specific specialization. 

Old Hat - Remember that one chest you got from that one quest in Vanilla that took you three months and it had that cool graphic and you finally, like, vendored it two years ago and bewailed the fact you'll never get it back?   It's back.   Not the chest but at least the looks.    Old quest item graphics are automatically in your wardrobe.   

It's New - When you add an item on one character, it will update when you log into a different character.   Each new item that has been added will be highlighted so you won't have to dig forever to find that new piece.

Make it Disappear - There is also the option to make your helm, cloak and shoulders disappear.    Some helms are just ugly, sometimes I want to see the back of my armor, sometimes those shoulders just...get in the way!   Well now they can be turned invisible.   Sweet huh?

That's just a few highlights.    There are some quirky ins and outs I've managed to find such as an item showing that's available for a character but then not being able transmog it.    All in all it is a HUGE improvement over void storage.  I was simply hoping for a larger closet but this is a much more elegant solution than adding a void storage tab!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Warlords of Draenor: Cragplate Armor

Warlords of Draenor has been out for while and I must admit most of the plate sets didn't do much for me. A lot of the armor was totally Iron Horde inspired. Shabby, drab, colorless, awkwardly over done in places. Most of it was "eh..." despite the glowing effects and moving parts. There were a few good sets though.

One of my preferred sets of plate armor to come out in WoD is the Cragplate gear. You can purchase the random greens from the Ravenskar set on the auction house or get the Cragplate set through questing. The Ravenskar pieces have the same model and it's a recolor of the Sharptusk Battleplate. While the Sharptusk is a pretty silver and maroon, the Cragplate combines my two favorite colors. Red and gold of course! I'm using mostly the Cragplate set with this transmog but I naturally switched out a few key pieces.




Shoulders Rossi's Rosin Soaked Shoulders Ordos
ChestRavenskar Chestpiece Random Green
BeltRavenskar Girdle Random Green
LegsRavenskar LegguardsRandom Green
BootsRavenskar SabatonsRandom Green
HandsRavenskar GauntletsRandom Green
HeadGlorious HeaddressRandom Green
WeaponBladegrease LongswordCharred Sword

I actually don't have a full set of Cragplate in the screen shot. I'm rocking Partik's Purified Legplates and a pair of old pally tier gloves. Rossi's shoulders and Partik's legs are warrior tier 16 look alikes from Siege of Orgrimmar. They both drop off Ordos on Timeless Isle so any plate wearer can get them, provided they can get to Ordos of course. The pally gloves are from the Winged Triumph tier 16 paladin set, but look alikes drop off random mobs in Siege of Org, such as Romy's Reliable Grips.

The weapon is a standard WoD sort of weapon, very tusky or spikey. I like the glow effect and the fact that it actually looks like a two hand sword on my Blood Elf female, rather than just a knitting needle like most BEFem 2Hers. It's easy weapon to get. It's one of the Draenor treasures, random items all over the world that can be targetted and looted for an item. This one is a charred sword in a burnt patch in Talador. Once you loot it you have a free sword! No, you don't get to be King Arthur afterwards, it's not Excaliboar. There are other swords with the same model but different coloring.

On a side note, please accept my apologies for broken pictures! I will be updating my images soon and fixing the links. I forgot that this blog would be affected when I took down my site. Happy mogging!

Friday, October 31, 2014

Ornate Mithril Plate

For my PvP healing set this season I used the Ornate Mithril Plate set. Well, ok I didn't really use the full set but I based my design on it. There is no belt and the shoulders are fugly as usual with Vanilla sets. I also changed out the breastplate. I think it turned out quite well. The Ornate Mithril set is crafted by Blacksmiths.

If you look on Wowhead it says the Hydralick Armor has the same model as the Ornate Mithril. It doesn't. The Hydralick has sleeeves. The Ornate Mithril leaves your arms bare in a nice tank top look. I like the sleeves however. I think it looks funny to have bare arms with larger shoulders. I've always wanted to use the Hydralick chest and one of the things that has stopped me was finding a good pair of shoulders. I was digging through my bags - literally (void storage was full, bank was full, all my 28 slot bags were full, you get the picture) and ran across Warchief's Mantle. DING!! We have a match! I had saved them from waaaay back when simply because I loved them. They're an excellent fit and fairly unique since the only shoulders that have the same graphic are all quest rewards or rare spawn drops or no longer available (unless a BS happens to have ancient crafting mats stored away). Going with the bluey teal color in the shoulders, I used the Royal Qiraji Belt that drops off the Twin Emperors in AQ40. A small belt that is perfect for bare midrift transmog.

There are LOTS of combinations of one handers and shields that I tried with this that looked very good actually. I must admit to using a contemporary shield and weapon set up however. I didn't plan on that. But once I earned my Prideful weapon and I saw it matched well...if it ain't broke, why fix it? Or in Transmog land...If it matches, why mog it? And the Shield of Mockery? Dude, totally creepy. I rather like the graphic even if the tongue thing does weird me out. Some other options would be Blackhorn's Might Bulwhark, Blessed Qiraji Bulwhark, Spire of Karabor, Unbreakable Will, Rimefang's Claw.




Shoulders Warchief's MantleQuest- Escape from Durnholde
Chest Hydralick Armor Random Drop
BeltRoyal Qiraji BeltAhn Qiraj - Vek'lor
LegsOrnate Mithril PantsBlacksmithing
BootsOrnate Mithril BootsBlacksmithing
HandsOrnate Mithril GlovesBlacksmithing
HandsConqueror's HelmetRandom Green
Main HandPrideful Gladiator's GavelPvP Vendor
ShieldShield of MockerySiege of Orgrimar

Now for the fine print. The tough part about getting this set is that the patterns for Blacksmiths to make the Ornate Mithril set are no longer in game. You need to find a blacksmith who did the quest lines for them way back when. Basically someone who was a glutton for punishment years ago. I of course looked up Gygan, who's my go to Blacksmith, sent him the mats, he made them and I gave him a nice fat tip. I'm gonna cry if he doesn't come back for WoD and I find another dusty old pattern I just need to have made. Here's a list of mats for full set:

  • Mithril Bar x80
  • Truesilver Bar x13
  • Thick Leather x10
  • Mageweave Cloth x6
  • Solid Grinding Stone x5
  • Heart of Fire x1
  • Aquamarine x1
I didn't need all those since I switched out the chest and shoulders. There are number of other pieces that you can mix and match with this blue set. It's very versatile, much like the Conqueror's Set. So if you need a dark blue piece of armor, try the Ornate Mithril. Coming out soon, I'll be doing a series of chain mail transmog sets. Best part of hunter transmog? Taming a pet to match your gear!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Warlords is Coming

Warlords are coming? I've taken a nice little break from WoW once we downed Garrosh. With Warlords of Draenor in beta stages now I'm back in the game with a renewed vigor. The break did me good since I was starting to hit that burn out phase. We lost some of our raid team along the way and it took a combined effort of both raid teams to make the Garrosh kill the first time. He's down. I wore my AQ set for the occasion, honoring the bugs of course. I even turned on my helm graphic for each Paragon kill.

Posting a couple sets I've done recently. I'll update them later with resources but most of the fun is the pictures anyway right? The first is my red and black. I wasn't a fan of the PvP paladin plate set the last couple seasons although I did like the red accents. I replaced a few pieces with Dragon Soul warrior tier look alikes. And of course used Ashkandi. That sword really is like candy! It's a very nice huge sword, even for a Blood Elf. Add in the fact it's cool looking and red and you can't beat it.

Since I've already mentioned the PvP thing, the picture below really tells you why I ventured back into PvP. I think the last time I did serious PvP is when my warrior Pyckles was a level 35 twink. I had enjoyed getting the Sergeant title on her at level 28. Well I took at look at the PVP mount and decided "I need that!" So I went out and got it by running RBGs. Rated battle grounds for those of you who are PvE junkies. I have a soft sport for equine mounts, even if or especially when they have glowing green hooves.

 photo mithrilpvpmount_zpsgd6eqmfx.png

And of course my PvP transmog. I went Holy instead of Retribution. I don't think I even transmogged my prideful weapon once I acquired it. It's based on the Hydralik check and Ornate Mithril pieces. Thanks again to my favorite Balcksmith Gygan.

I've been running around in Warlords beta and for now I'll leave my opinion of how they're doing out of my post and stick to the relevant info like what's new to transmog. And sadly...there is little in the way of color so far. More dull gray. Yech. Some of the NPCs are sporting some pretty stuff though! I'll be compiling some screenshots this week and will have some sets ready. One good thing to note for the gnomes who trasnmog, your mid section no longer disappears. Yay for new character models!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New Year

Good morning everyone! Yes, I am still around. I know I've taken a longer than usual break. Busy holidays. Plus I've been doing a little real life transmogging so to speak. Christmas was spent at my mother's helping my brother design a new logo and some tee shirts for his developing surfboard company. Also been putting together a set of Western Pleasure show outfits for horse shows this upcoming year.

As far as in game transmogging goes, I've done more with alts than my plate wearers recently. I have not quite finished my green set for Greatsword of Pride's Fall, although I have finally selected all the peices I want. There were a few that were toss ups. I put my black and gold set on hold when my guildie cried out in anguish that it was too close to his set. And I have been distracted by putting together a white set to match my legendary cloak. There are few irons in the fire over here so hopefully I'll get the furnace going again this week and heat up a few posts.

Happy transmogging all. I'm looking forward to a great year and hope you are as well.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Greatsword of Pride's Fall

Morning. Of course it's Tuesday. Time to myself, servers are down, let's make a blog post!! My most recent trasmog set is in fact one that I've mostly used before. I've changed a few key pieces and I'm very excited about it! I designed the transmog around a specific piece of gear, the Greatsword of Pride's Fall of course! When I first saw this sword before the patch hit I thought "Man...who wants a sword with a bunch of eye balls? eww!" When the time came around for the sword to drop for me, well I had had a change of heart.

I started SoO as a tank. I love tanking and it used to be my main spec. One of our super nice DK tanks, Erragal stepped aside and brought his lock instead. Yay for candy! And portals. Then our shaman had to step down from raiding for a while so we filled her spot with a warlock. Well no need for two warlocks. My pally pulls much more damage than his lock and a couple fights we shaved pretty close on the enrage timer so I went back to ret and he to tanking. Well, I'd been looking at tanking stuff and checking out the tank changes, and I haven't really been IN to ret to be honest. So it was with some uh...ill concealed grumpiness I started really looking into it.

I wasn't impressed with my dps. I had a nice 530 ilvl but my dps was still so-so. I double checked most of the guides I knew of to make sure I wasn't missing anything but I still wasn't quite pulling what I felt I should. So I asked my buddy Vy for a little help. He does some amazing pew pew on his pally (he's heals now) and I know he's pretty good at getting down to the nitty gritty. He verified my CD usage, stat priority and abilities. Then he asked "What weapon are you using?" And I said "A ToT LFR one." He said "You're gonna suck until you get a new weapon!" Well ok, he didn't tell me I sucked but he did tell me I needed a new weapon. Somehow I missed the run down on damage equations on Elitist Jerks. Is it just me or is the majority of our damage based on weapon damage? Ooops! Time for a new weapon!

I wasn't holding out much hope. I'd done a killer transmog for my Bo'Ris polearm (I'll have to post that too) but hadn't had much luck getting much more than some shoulders, trinket and ton of gold from LFR, flex and regular. Stupid coin rolls. A few days later I got my Greatsword of Pride's Fall in LFR. Even without reforges, enchants or gems (look at the crappy socket bonus tho! only 60 str? really? 60?!) it was HUGE jump in my dps. And I had been working on a killer green transmog for Garrosh slaying and the sword happened to match that as well. Better and better! Progression raid night rolls around and we get our first Sha of Pride kill. Go us! He even dropped things that could be used so we didn't have to DE anything. And I decided at the last minute to use my seal and I won it. Not just a regular greatsword but a warforged Greatsword of Pride Fall! Well dayum!! Made my day and then of course my xmoggy guildie call it ugly. (we'll ignore the fact that I did agree with him earlier) Well heck, them's fightin' words boy! I of course at the point HAD to transmog just for the sword! Muahahah!

I decided to run and just grab my Crystalforge set really quick during our break since it was the only purple I had on hand. Well I took a sec and just checkout a few other pieces I had in void storage and ended up swapping out a couple pieces.




Shoulders Crystalforge Pauldrons Paladin Tier
ChestBreastplate of AnnihilationProphet Skeram in Ahn Qiraj
BeltRoyal Qiraji BeltVek'lor in Ahn Qiraj
LegsCrystalforge LeggingsPaladin Tier
BootsBoots of Courage UnendingRandom mob drop - SSC
HandsCrystalforge GlovesPaladin Tier

As you can see I switch out two pieces that are look alikes for the Warrior AQ set, Conqueror's Battlegear. I would LOVE to have a look alike helm as well but if I decide to do a helm, I usually don't, I'll just have to find something else. The Crystalforge one actually isn't too bad. I love the sea foam green details in the chest and belt. That little bit of contrast makes it stand out and keeps it from being too matchy matchy as tier sometimes gets. I plan to hit AQ for the Gauntlets of Annihilation since I like a sleeker, smaller glove graphic.

My Golem Shard Legging set, as mentioned in Go for the Gold! has been put on hold for now. I like the green set I was working better, so it will probably be finished sooner. My guildie is still farming for just the right boots for his set. Only one pair of boots has that graphic, it drops off a rare spawn that has a low spawn rate and the boots have a low drop rate to boot. Whew! Anyways...those shall be unveiled soon!! I hope....