Make your enemies green with envy!


I simply used the set shoulders here. There are some extra options for the recolors, for example the Wyrmslayer Spaulders match the Brutish set perfectly.

  • Exalted - Black and Gold
  • Brutish - Burgundy and Bronze
  • Enchanted Adamantite - Purple and Silver
  • Jade

    My personal favorite. Took me months to put this set together. I use Skybreaker's Pauldrons with my set.

  • Tyrant - Antique Gold and Red
  • Saltstone - Silver and Burgundy

  • Jade Plate Epaulets

    This set is a total mish mash. I love the aqua and purple mix. Even more pieces or purple and aqua have been added in the Legion expansion!




    Shoulders Jade EpauletsRandom Vanilla Green
    ChestOrnate Battleplate of the Master Blacksmithing
    BeltSymbolic BeltRandom Vanilla Green
    LegsArticulated LegplatesHoF - Imperial Vizier Zor'lok
    BootsShalehusk BootsBRD - Panzor
    HandsRevenant GauntletsRandom Vanilla Green
    HelmGaralons Hollow SkullGaralon - Heart of Fear
    2H SwordGurthtalak Deathwing - Dragon Soul
    2H AxDeath's BiteKel'Thuzad - Naxxramas