Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Jade Plate Epaulets

The Jade set is one of my favorites. I LOVE it. It's my standard set on Pyckl├Ęs the paladin. Yes, I do have other Pyckles and other paladins. Check out the green set on my background (Yes, I know, the sword is Alliance only) or look it up in Sexy Plate Transmog. There is a set of shoulders Jade Epaulets that "go" with the set. I use the term "go" loosely. Many of the Vanilla recipe sets looked awesome and then had fail shoulders or helms that didn't quite match even though they were of the same level, name and theme. I have always loved these shoulders because of the color and lamented that there was no real set to match them.

Well I decided to make a set a few weeks ago while playing on the AH. One of my guildies, Glo, likes to sit at the AH with me when the day is done and go window shopping. We try on clothes in the dressing room, compare colors, discuss how something looks on a particular race and so on. And a little tip, if you're worried about discussing if a set of armor makes you butt look fat, make sure there are no guys in vent. You'll never hear the end of it. *coughLoflycough*

Anyways...came across these shoulders for 4k. Well I'm NOT going to pay 4000g for a transmog item. It was fun though to start making a set around the shoulders sticking to what I could find on the Auction House. This is what I've come up with. I did take the time to put it all in WoW Model Viewer and check out some weapons and a few peices that you can switch in out. The pale mint green of the shoulders matches the Battelgear of the Lost Catacombs, the DK tier gear. I used the look alike chest and legs and the switched out the belt, boots and gloves. I did find other legs that matched as well, but I like this chest the best and decided not to make it too mixed. I chose to keep the boots, gloves and belt purple to bring out the purple in the neck of the chest piece. However there are numerous options you can do with this set.

These easiest set to use with these chest and shoulders is the Revenant Plate set. There are actually a couple "revenant" sets in game, Wrath plate pieces, some mail, etc. However I'm talking about the purple Vanilla set. I originally just used the Revenant legs, but decided to go with legs that matched the chest to make the set more cohesive.




Shoulders Jade EpauletsRandom Vanilla Green
ChestOrnate Battleplate of the Master Blacksmithing
BeltSymbolic BeltRandom Vanilla Green
LegsArticulated LegplatesHoF - Imperial Vizier Zor'lok
BootsShalehusk BootsBRD - Panzor
HandsRevenant GauntletsRandom Vanilla Green

Remember when mixing and matching be careful of too many busy patterns. If you have one busy piece, match it or try to keep the other pieces simple. Too many patterns can confuse the eye. Sticking to a few simple single color pieces to bring to set together works very well. Some of the following sets match quite well with this chest and shoulders.

  • Symbolic - The green is brighter so it can be over powering, but the purple is the right shade.
  • Revenant - The Vanilla random drop set, NOT the Wrath set. the purple in this set goes very well with the purple in the chest piece.
  • Brick Battleplate - Very subtle silver and dark blueish gray.
  • Mountainscaler Battleplate - this grey and purple MoP set matches nicely, it's not too busy but does have a distinctive pattern.
  • Battleplate of the Lost Catacomb - This is where the chest and legs come from. Using Revenant legs and the Lost Catacomb belt is also a fun combo.
  • Scourgelord Battlegear - This is quite fun if you use the legs, boots, and gloves. All the purple glowy skulls add a nice touch.
  • Saltstone - Only a few of these pieces will match. Like the boots and gloves. The legs seem to be a slightly different shade. There's not much actual purple, just more of a purplish hue.

    Here are a few individual pieces that go well that aren't part of a set.

  • Gauntlets of PurificationThese gloves are from the same "set" as the shoulders. They're the only two pieces in that color however.
  • Augustus Legguards - I like the way these legs look. They're from a quest that's open to Alliance or Horde so don't worry about getting them. Unless you've already done the quest!
  • Eastwall Gauntlets - Another EPL quest item. I think there might be a full "set" of the EPL quest gear that match but haven't taken the time to delve into that.
  • Boots of the Decimator - The simple grey and purple in these works.
  • Have fun mixing and matching. I did find a few helms that I liked with this set but I'll save those for later. I'll be posting matching weapons and accessories next time. If you do make this set and just want wait, try using Bryntroll or Gurthtalak.

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