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A little something for those who feel the need to stand out.

Ahn Qiraj - Paladin

ShieldDawnforged DefenderShattered Sun - Exalted
ShieldAegis of the VindicatorMagtheridon
SwordElementium FangStonecore - Priestess Azil
SwordSouldrinkerRegular DS Madness
1h AxeKingly AxeRandom Green
2h AxeBurning CrusaderQuest: Nexus-King Salhadaar
2h AxeTreant's BaneDire Maul: Gordok Tribute
HelmCrimson Beholder EyeCollidus
CloakNethervoid CloakHyjal Summit zone drop
BeltGirdle of the Fallen CrusaderBWL: Chromaggus