Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sexy Plate Transmog Sets

There are numerous sexy plate sets for females in World of Warcraft. Most of them are from Vanilla with a few from the Burning Crusade. For the most part these are all farmable green "recipe sets". Recipe meaning they're designed to fit together. Most of the recipe sets also have recolors. So if you see one up there that you like, but want it in a different color, chances are good you'll be able to find it. The one thing I have changed out in the picture of each of these sets is the shoulders. The recipe shoulders suck. Why? The random green shoulders rarely looked good. You had to raid for the good ones. And frankly, cool looking shoulders are of the utmost importance in making your set stand out.

Revenant Plate

The shoulders used in the picture are the Justice Bearer's Pauldrons although the Soulforge should work just as well.

  • Templar - Gold with Blue
  • Emerald - Green
  • Thorium - Red
  • Runic - Multi
  • Warleader

    I simply used the set shoulders here. There are some extra options for the recolors, for example the Wyrmslayer Spaulders match the Brutish set perfectly.

  • Exalted - Black and Gold
  • Brutish - Burgundy and Bronze
  • Enchanted Adamantite - Purple and Silver
  • Jade

    My personal favorite. Took me months to put this set together. I use Skybreaker's Pauldrons with my set.

  • Tyrant - Antique Gold and Red
  • Saltstone - Silver and Burgundy
  • Conquerors

    I used the Lightforge Spaulders since the gold matches perfectly. The Conqueror's set is also a good mix n match set to complement other gold sets.

  • Bloodscale - Pinkish Red
  • Ornate Mithril - Black Blue Purple
  • Hyperion

    One of the coolest sets in game. I used the (H)Spaulders of Manifold Eyes in the screenshot.

  • Imbued Red and Blue
  • Commanders - Orange Burgundy
  • Enchanted Thorium-Black, Gray and Gold
  • Some notes about finding recolors. Some you just know about because you've seen them. Quite often if you look up a set on Wowhead someone has listed all the recolors in the comments, especially if it's a popular set. If not, you can select the chest, and then use the "same model as" sort option on Wowhead that will allow you to see other chests that use the same model. Quite often you can find that chest in a new color and chances are good there's a full set in that color.

    While I'm not always a big recipe set fan, I like my look to be unique, it can be fun taking a recipe set and finding different pieces to match for a personalized look. Some of the recipe sets are not full sets, they're missing gloves, shoulders, a belt or something, so they can get a challenge to finish out. Happy hunting! I'll have the rest of the "sexy" plate transmog recipe sets up soon. With full lists of their recolors of course!

    Monday, November 5, 2012

    Pink Plate Transmog in MoP

    Yes, indeed. Thank you Blizzard. I'll start out this post by saying that Mist of Pandaria has exceeded my expectations. And I am tickled pink that Blizzard responded to a forum request for pink plate armor. Oh yes! PINK plate!!! It's been a year since I posted that and I know that a few others have posted asking about pink transmog as well.

    The MoP pink set is very classy in my opinion. Definitely not trashy or tacky and the pink is not eye glaring. I admit it could be a bit sexier (show a bit more skin) but that's not a huge draw back for me. I did worry a little bit about finding a matching sword and shield but after playing around with WMV I did find a couple that match. As I update my WMV files (more about that later) I'll add some options.

    It's called the Inner Serenity set. The pink is a recolor of the blue and silver. Very cool looking set. That brings us up to three plate sets with pink. The Bloodscale, the Avenger and now this.

    Saturday, October 20, 2012

    In A Pyckle!

    The terrible pun monster has struck again! But really, I AM in a pickle! My computer went boom last week. I can't even begin to tell you all the things I had on it. And of course I hadn't touched my external hard drive to back anything up for like...months? A year even? Saaaad panda!

    I just barely finished the WoW Factor Deathwing and realized that of course I no longer I have all the screen shots of MY favorite outfits from the contest. I took screenies and had planned to list some of the sets that caught my eye while I was mingling after awards were handed out. No such luck. I am sincerely hoping that I will be able to salvage something, maybe if the hard drive is still good I can put it in one of my other machines. Maybe...not holding my breath though.

    I've ordered a new machine from Several friends said they were good. Wow, a new gaming set up. Last time I bought a whole new set up was fifteen years ago when I first embarked upon the stormy sea of internet gaming. I won't tell you how much it cost. It was super high speed for the time. It had, OMG! an ethernet card! High speed, I'm telling ya. Last couple computers were builds. I did make sure to /snicker xmog my computer! I mean I did get a fancy case and quite a bit of cosmetic fluff this time. That's a first for me.

    Now for the scary part. It's already giving me nightmares. I dreamt it arrived and it was the wrong case, the case was too small so they took the power supply of it's metal box and just crammed the guts into the bracket. Another time all the fans were broken so I went to the store to buy new ones and they only had used ones that were covered with cobwebs. Then it took five weeks to get and each week they charged my credit card. It didn't turn on. Everyone else could start it but me. And so on and so forth. Yeah, I'm nervous about getting it. I am NOT obsessed or anything! Or have any sort of computer addiction issues whatsoever! It should arrive next week.

    In the mean time, working from my lag top. I did discover a particularly wonderful set of armor in MoP btw. It's the answer to a request I (and others) made on the forums quite some time ago. I'm tickled pink they added it. I'll be posting the full details of the armor set next week.

    Deathwing - WoW Factor

    The WoW Factor came to the Deathwing server a few weeks ago. It was very fun, and rather interesting. Everyone met in Silvermoon and our hosts hopped on Twitch TV, Elvine's channel, so we could all listen to their commentary as they judged transmog sets. You can check all the winners and read more commentary on WoW Roleplay Gear

    Here's everyone getting started. More people trickled in through the show and the nice neat circle got pretty messy. They had to ask people several times to step back. Lots of people used fun little gimmicks to get noticed such as Elder's Moonstones to light themselves up or Darkmoon Firewater to make themselves bigger. One hunter was dropping flares at her feet to make herself fiery.

    I was expecting something a little more organized with a first, second, third, and grand place winner and all that. Instead the way they did it was much more fun and rewarding. They simply selected people who's transmog caught their eye, discussed what worked with that outfit and what didn't and decided on a prize amount usually from 1k - 4k gold. After they did that they then select the "Top Six". Three got Blizzard Store mounts and the other three got an extra 2k each. There was also a special prize of a Blizzard Store pet that was selected solely by Brylinn, one of the sponsors.

    I had the unexpected pleasure of being selected to win that nice new pet! I used the new pet UI to search blizzard store pets and see which ones I didn't have. I selected the gryphon baby! Unfortunately, the in game UI doesn't tell you that you only get that if you buy the plushy! Dang it! Second choice was the baby moonkin. I wore my smooth gold set and won with that. I think that was my favorite and hardest set I've ever put together. I'm glad Brylinn liked it!

    We even had an alliance show up. She mostly lay dead in the middle of the room the whole time. Talk about a motivated spectator! I think she was wearing the cindercloth set...kind of hard to tell when they're curled up in that death position.
    Looking forward to next season!

    Wednesday, August 22, 2012

    Because You Asked - Fiery Red

    I recently noted a comment on my Red Gold post asking about the red and gold set on my back ground image. That particular set I call Fiery Red and it was just about the first transmog set I put together. I decided not to get it because it takes Heroic Firelands to get, namely the shoulders. And the Hyperion set...pain in the butt!!!

    To start, the shoulders. I listed the ones that are usable by any class, the Spaulders of Manifold Eyes from Heroic Beth'tilac. They are the same as the Heroic Paladin tier gear. So you're looking at H Beth for these shoulders! Or you have a second chance, if you are a paladin, getting your tier piece off H Majordomo.

    Chest, legs and gloves - Hyperion. Farm MC. A LOT!!! It does drop in other level 60 raids but the best drop rate I've found for Hyperion is Molten Core. Make sure you have lots of space in your bags, other good transmog stuff drops as well, not just plate. You can earn a pretty penny AH'ing the extra greens. Plus, Garr in Molten Core drops Drillborer Disk, the shield I have listed with this set.

    Now the legs, they are part of the Hyperion transmog, however there are two other look alikes, both listed on Wowhead. The easiest to get is probably the Lavacrest since they drop fairly regularly off Bael'Gar in Blackrock Depths. The Khorium Pants are a sure thing IF you can find a blacksmith who has the pattern. Good luck farming the pattern, it's a rare drop.

    Oh yes, the belt. I did not use the Hyperion Girdle because it doesn't do much for me. I used the Bloodfist Girdle instead. The color matched and the smooth gold background helped draw the shoulders and shield into the set. Plus I just like it.

    If you are a blacksmith who played in Vanilla and did all the quests and farmed lots of patterns and are a Master Swordsmith to boot, you can make the legs, boots, and the sword. There is also a different set of gloves that I prefer over the Hyperion ones. The Fiery Plate Gauntlets are the same colors and basic style only a bit more streamlined and lot less clunky. The pattern however is from a quest that no longer in game.




    Shoulders Spaulders of Manifold EyesHeroic Beth'tilac
    ChestHyperion Armor Random Vanilla Green
    BeltBloodfist GirdleRandom BC Green
    LegsHyperion LegplatesRandom Vanilla Green
    BootsHyperion Greavesrandom Vanilla Green
    HandsHyperion GauntletsRandom Vanilla Green
    Main HandBlazeguardBoP Crafted
    ShieldDrillborer DiskMolten Core - Garr

    So there you go, Charlotte. That's my fiery red set! Enjoy putting it together. I also do requests if you have a specific item or theme you want for your character. I'd be happy to help you put together a couple different sets to pick from. And yes, I do more than just plate. /wink

    Tuesday, August 21, 2012

    WoW Factor Coming to Deathwing

    Wooot! WoW Factor is hitting my home server, Deathwing, Horde side. I am quite stoked about this. They'll be there on Saturday, September 8th. Meeting time and place has yet to be announced. If you don't have a Deathwing toon, roll an alt and come check out the action! If you happen to play on Deathwing by the way, we do have a Facebook page. Just in case ya didn't know!

    Now here's the hard part! What toon do I enter? Which outfit do I pick?! Oh the choices! I think have at least two full trasnmog sets for each of my 85's. Main spec and off spec of course. Now Svarya, my main....Her void storage is full. Her bank is full. She has full sets? And several sets in the works! Ugh...I transmog too much! But it is just so much fun! I love the ability to make my character look stylish, sexy and unique. This is one thing I will whole hearted say "Good job Blizzard!" to.

    Wednesday, August 1, 2012

    Ahn'Qiraj Paladin Set

    "She thinks she's the pink of perfection!"
    Items | Bosses | Goodies | Accessories

    I've looked high and low to find pink plate armor. It doesn't exist. The closest is the Bloodscale set which I consider to be more of a diluted red. There are a few miscellaneous pieces that have pink in them but not enough to match for a full set. Disappointing. There's a fabulous pink shield and several assorted axes, daggers, hammers and so on. WRU Pink?! Asking for one or two pink plate sets isn't a bad thing. It doesn't mean the armor is all frufru or girly. You can in fact design pink plate that still looks badass. In fact, if anyone's an artist and creative like that, send me a couple designs. I'd like to see what other people come up with.

    So the only set I found that had enough pink to be taken seriously was the Ahn Qiraj Avenger's Battlegear set. And each piece is individual, there are no look alikes! There is another belt with a different graphic that matches fairly well however. For this set, prepare to run the Temple of AQ repeatedly. And I mean repeatedly. I was in there for every lockout for almost four months before finishing this set. I already had the legs, chest and shoulders from long ago but decided to finish it off. Check me out on the Armory!

    Since this is an actual set, not something you have to hunt down individual pieaces for I won't be making a chart of where to find it. Wowhead has already done that. What I am going to do it give you some pointers on killing the bosses and farming the materials for the quests and certain other little perks that come from farming AQ. I will also list a couple accessories I particularly like with this set.

    WARNING: Paladin ONLY! The Warrior set is purple, and Death Knights aren't so lucky.

    There are two sections of Ahn Qiraj, the Ruins which is a level 60 20 man raid and the Temple which is a level 60 40 man raid. This set is acquired in the Temple. The quests for these pieces are from NPC's who can be find just inside the temple AFTER you kill the first boss. You go up the stairs and to the left. For the individual quests you can refer to Wowhead.


    Make sure you got with empty bags, you'll be doing a LOT of looting. Make sure you get the coffer keys! There are chests, or scarab coffers through out the dungeons that will have satchels of scarabs in them. You need numerous scarabs for each piece. Put the extra scarabs you won't use on the AH or trade them for ones you do need. Here's the list and numbers of what you need:

    • Idol of Life (2)
    • Idol of Rebirth (2)
    • Idol of the Sage (4)
    • Idol of Strife (2)

    • Bone Scarab (10)
    • Bronze Scarab (5)
    • Clay Scarab (5)
    • Crystal Scarab (10)
    • Gold Scarab (5)
    • Ivory Scarab (5)
    • Silver Scarab (5)
    • Stone Scarab (5)

    These can drop off of any trash. So make sure you loot and loot! You wil aslo need reputation for boss pieces, so make sure you loot each boss. There is a Qiraj Lord's Insignia on each boss. These are reputation turn-ins. It's a repeatable quest called Mortal Champions from Kandrostrasz, next to the other quest givers. The boss pieces require faction in order to turn them in, but NOT to loot them. So if they drop, snap them up!

    Qiraji Bindings of Dominance (2)(Neutral)Princess Huhuran or Viscidus
    Skin of the Great Sandworm (Friendly)Ouro
    Veklor's Diadem (Friendly) Emperor Vek'lor
    Carapace of the Old God (Honored)C'Thun


    Most of the bosses are easy to burn through. I was able to solo quite a few as a tank but trust me, it can be tricky and takes a while. Bring a dps or two to make it go quicker. The three that you need to be prepared for are the Twin Emperors, Viscidus and C'Thun. There is a special little thing about the Bug Family as well.


    I am not aware if it possible to solo the Twins or not. You'd have to pull enough DPS to beat them down while they heal each other or be one spectactular kiter. I do know it is easiest to at least two man it if not more. You'll start with the Twins on opposite sides of the room. One does magic, Vek'lor and the other does meelee, Vek'nilash. Have a caster open up DPS on Vek'lor while a meelee or hunter starts on Vek'nilash. Every so often they will switch places by porting and then they'll run back across the room to where they started. When they are close enough to each other, they'll heal each other, so you'll want to get them as far apart as possible. Each person should just stay on their same target, making sure to kite their boss away from his brother as soon as possible. The twins have a shared life pool so they'll drop at the same time. They will also occasionally explode bugs near you, this is negligible damage for an 85. You can't kill the bugs in the room before hand, they'll just respawn.


    My LEAST favorite boss in here. Seriously. Ya really. But he drops your paladin gloves so you have to do him. I don't believe it's possible for a paladin to solo him, at least not in general and I'll tell you why. First, you need frost damage to freeze him. Second, you need to shatter him by hitting him enough times while he's frozen. Like 75 times in a matter of seconds or something nutso. Yeah, so bring friends. For frost damage, the mage is the ultimate choice. Other things work as well, just not as fast. DK's using frost spells, shamans, priests using mindspike, hunter's traps or just someone equipped with a weapon sold by Warsmith SigFinna. (You have to be far enough on the Sons of Hodir rep grind that you turn into a Vrykul babe in order to purchase from her.) You can put a frost enchant on your weapon or use frost oil. You need a total of 200 frost hits in order to greeze him. Once he's frozen he must be physcially hit 75 times in order to shatter. That's why you bring friends with fast weapons. Even healers should be beating on him at that point with one handed weapons that are fast. A haste potion might be helpful once he freezes. If you drop a snake trap shortly before he freezes, each time a snake hits him, it counts as a hit, same with Army of the Dead or any "helper" trinkets like the attack chicken or yeti or dragonling. Too bad the pet trinkets share a CD however. So in a nutshell, freeze with frost damaging attacks and beat the snot out of him really, really fast.


    C'Thun is fairly easy. It is however possible to insta die if you get sucked into his stomach. GET OUT OF THE ACID asap. Get on an island as quick as possible. You'll pretty much just dps him, kill the tentacles, get sucked into his tummy, hop on an island, kill a tentacle, jump on the little circle with "bubbly" rocks into to exit the stomach and go back to dpsing him. Cake. If you die in the tummy you can't get rezzed, unless a rezzer is in there with you. It also sucks for looting since you'll have to release and run back and have no quick port to get there.


    Bug family is easy. Once you almost have one of them killed another bug will eat it. I usually kill princess first since she heals. However the order in which you kill them makes a difference on loot. Each bug has their own loot and then there's shared loot. If you want a specific item, make sure to kill the bug that drops it last.


    Now for the goodies! Fun stuff that drops in Ahn Qiraj? Bug mounts, which can't be used outside the instance but are fun to have. They also count towards your mount achievements. There are four mounts, green, yellow, blue and red. They have a chance to drop off any mobs in the instance. If you loot the red one (pictured above) you get a feat of strength. Exalted plate drops in both sides of Ahn Qiraj. It is some of the sexiest uncommon plate in the game. Excellent for transmog and sells for a bundle on the AH. And dropping off Battleguard Sartura are the Robes of the Battleguard pictured on the left. Sexy. A definate carrot to getting a caster to run with you. And my favorite non-set quest item? Blessed Qiraji Bulwhark, one of the coolest shields in game!


    Now for accessories. I'm picky. Colors have to match. I only found one cloak that I even liked with this set and I do not have it yet. Dumb thing never drops. As usual, an item that by itself might not look so good with the gear, can be enhanced by adding another item that draws it in. There are plenty of "orange" items that match this set, pretty much anything that has a fiery style to it. I'm going to concentrate on the pink things.

    ShieldDawnforged DefenderShattered Sun - Exalted
    ShieldAegis of the VindicatorMagtheridon
    SwordElementium FangStonecore - Priestess Azil
    SwordSouldrinkerRegular DS Madness
    1h AxeKingly AxeRandom Green
    2h AxeBurning CrusaderQuest: Nexus-King Salhadaar
    2h AxeTreant's BaneDire Maul: Gordok Tribute
    HelmCrimson Beholder EyeCollidus
    CloakNethervoid CloakHyjal Summit zone drop
    BeltGirdle of the Fallen CrusaderBWL: Chromaggus

    My absolute favorite combination is the Souldrinker and Dawnforged Defender. I was so excited when the Souldrinker finally dropped for me. I was waiting to do the transmog until I had it. The shades of pink and orange match perfectly. As for belts, the Girdle of the Fallen Crusader matches very well. I did chose to go with the Belt of the Fallen Emperor however. I made sure I had the Girlde but it didn't quite look the way I wanted on my Blood Elf. The Crimson Eye is basically a pink eye patch! I had several at one point and AH'd them for thousands of gold a long time ago. Now I can't get one to drop for me, I just get mail instead. Collidus is a rare spawn so that doesn't help either. I do like the helm with this set however so I actually have the helm graphic turned on. And cloak, it's the only real pink cloak in game.

    Good luck getting this set. A bunch of guildies runwi th me at different time and were able to get achievements, farm rep and get a few cool items. Good tiems were (mostly) had by all. And of course all the QQ stories of killing Viscidus.

    Up next I'll be deviating from my "plate" design. I'm so happy with the set I did for my hunter I'm going to post a chain mail set. Sexy. Another one of my customized designs that I had a lot of fun putting together.

    Tuesday, May 29, 2012

    Let's Get Moggy With It!

    Terrible pun I know but I'm good at those. Since transmogging has be introduced to the game a whole new online community has sprung up, the Transmogger Bloggers. In fact quite a few sets of bloggers have banded together to set up contests for transmogrification, hosted on specific servers or via screenshot submission. These are your way to show off your truly unique set or just get new ideas for that hunter outfit you want to put together.

    The WoW Factor is hosted by Keelhaul of Disenchanting Azeroth and Ironyca and Noelani from WoW Roleplay Gear (one of my personal favorite transmog sites). When someone contacts them with a request and a desire to host a show on their home server then the games, and the long preparation, begins! They actually provide in game gold prizes to the winners. I've been watching this one for a while, the creators put a LOT of work into this and it's amazing. This is definately one to keep an eye on and be ready to participate in if they come to your realm! I believe Keelhaul has since retired and Ironyca and Noelani have taken up the torch now.

    This was a short March only contest with five rounds. While it is now over, I'm posting it just in case Tome, Kenada and Effraeti decide to do another one. You can keep on eye them. I certainly enjoyed checking out the pictures of some of the outfits. They used a different twist by specifying outfits based off of a specific item or theme.

    "So Pyckles (you might ask) are you going to be doing any contests some time soon?" The answer would be most likely not. Although I do still have t-shirts left over from when I was manager of the WoW Vault. Think anyone would interested in a limited edition WotLK WoW Vault shirt? Eh? Maybe not...I most likely would get ahold of Ironyca and Noelani and ask about hosting a WoW Factor on my home server of Deathwing if I decided to do anything.

    What I would like to do is outfit of the month though! I love for people to see my outfits and you might feel the same. If you just want to share yours, send me a screenshot of your character and their armory link. If you want to add a little something about how long it took you farm your set, how many dungeons runs or how much gold you were crazy enough to pay for it, that would just add a little spice. Shoot me an email

    Monday, May 28, 2012

    What Rhymes With Orange?

    Well nothing really, I think orange is almost the only word in the English language that nothing rhymes with! And a fitting name for this set. It was hard to find matching orange pieces that could be worn by one class. Originally I had pally gloves and warrior shoulders planned out! I stuck with the warrior though and found pieces to match her. In case you didn't guess from the teaser pic, this set is based on the orange one from the background picture.
    In order to complete this set you'll have to run quite a few Cata raids and farm faction. I do list some alternatives however and I must admit that once again I haven't quite completed this set on my warrior. I'm still working on the belt from Heroic BWD, and I've decided I'll make do with another shield since I can't stomach grinding the Shattered Sun dailies again. The shoulders are an older tier piece. Luckily, the Void Reaver in Tempest Keep is fairly easy to solo as a meelee. It does help and speed things up to take one ranged dps with you though.




    Shoulders Destroyer Shoulderguards Warrior Tier 5
    ChestBreastplate of Ire JP vendor in Shattrath
    BeltBelt of Absolute ZeroHeroic BWD- Maloriak
    LegsLeggings of the UrsaQuest-Deadwood of the North
    BootsMaster Cannoneer BootsStratholme -Willey Hopebreaker
    HandsConqueror's GauntletsRandom Green
    HandsConqueror's HelmetRandom Green
    Main HandEye of PurificationFirelands - Boss drop
    ShieldDawnforged DefenderShattered Sun - Exalted

    I used the Conqueror's Gauntlets on my warrior since the best matching orange gloves were Paladin only. The Conqueror's Aegis Gauntlets can be acquired by running the Vault of Archavon and getting lucky. You might even get the Black War Mammoth. If you want to make this set as a pally the Conqueror's Aegis Shoulderplates are a good switch for the shoulders. The Glimmering Steel Mantle from Mount Hyjal will also match the set. I'm currently using the Shard of Torment as my shield, and I plan to transmog it only if I manage to get The Fel Barrier. I refuse to pay 20k gold for the Skullflame Shield!

    Saturday, April 28, 2012

    By Request: Cloudkeeper Legplates

    This is the little teaser I put in my last post. It's for a guildie of mine. He got the Cloudkeeper Legplates while helping me run AQ, loved them and wanted a set to match! While there's a piece or two that match perfect, there is no full set. I had a lot of fun coordinating the proper shades of blue and gold to make a full suit for this set. And a personal perk for me is I found another set that goes well with my favorite plate shoulders, the Swiftsteel Shoulders which you might have recognized from my teaser pic!




    ShouldersSwiftsteel ShouldersBlacksmithing - BoP
    Chest Truesilver BreastplateBlacksmithing - BoE
    BeltGirdle of the DawnBlacksmithing - BoE
    Legs Cloudkeeper LegplatesWorld Epic - Vanilla Raids
    BootsBoots of the Fallen HeroAQ 40 - Vem
    HandsGloves of the Dawn Blacksmithing - BoE
    HammerHammer of the Astral PlaneNaxxramas - Kel'Thuzad
    ShieldAegis of DamnationNaxxramas - Maexxna

    As you can see there's a lot of Blacksmithing involved in this set. The only required reputation for this set is Argent Dawn. Since I didn't have the required faction I had to run Fiona's Caravan quests and do a couple quests out of Light's Hope Chapel, took less than an hour to get to revered. The on hitch in the Blacksmithing department are of course the Swiftsteel Shoulders. Since they are BoP, you have to be a blacksmith yourself. The Lightforge Spaulders are an acceptable substitute and they really bring out the gold in the set. For the belt, there are a quite few gold belts that "match" color wise but kept the set from feeling balanaced. I tried the Conqueror's Girdle for example, but the gold in the middle was too much so I went with the Girdle of the Dawn which was more subtle. Since you're already grinding for the glove pattern, you might was well purchase the belt pattern as well. The toughest part of this set? Getting the legs!!
    Here's the teaser for the next set. It's orange of course! I made it for my orc Warrior and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. It's a bit of a challenge to find things that I like for my warrior. The blood elf? She's easy. Orc females? That's a different story!

    Monday, March 26, 2012

    Smooth Gold

    I have a favorite hammer. It's the Lucky Old Sun from Forge of Souls. I decided I should do a transmog to match it. I recalled seeing Zandalar Freethinkers Breastplate in my bank and I tried putting them together. It didn't look too bad, so I started finding the rest of the smooth gold set. Some of the pieces are no longer available, such as the chest piece I used, and have no look alike peices in the game unfortunately. You can however put the entire set together, you'd just be missing the chest. There as some good substitutes that I have listed. The only other draw back is the shoulders. There are shoulders with the same graphic, the only problem is the shade of gold is slightly different.




    ShouldersSpaulders of the Grand CrusaderNo Longer Available
    Chest Zandalar Freethinkers Breastplate No Longer Available
    BeltElemental Plate GirdleGordok Tribute
    LegsEldritch Reinforced LegplatesDire Maul - Prince Tortheldrin
    BootsEarthmender's Plated BootsQuest - Escape from Coilskar Cistern
    HandsSpiritualist's GauntletsQuest - A Fate Worse Than Death

    The first image is the full smooth gold set. This is essentially a recolor of the Dark Iron set. As you can see I've put together some possible matches for the chest since you can't get the Zandalar Freethinkers Breastplate anymore. The helms I used are the Glorious Headdres, the Templar Crown (with the blue gem) and the Warbringers Crown. All three head pieces are random green drops.

    Alternate Chest Pieces

    Field Plate Armor Random green
    Glowing Breastplate of Truth Serpent Shrine Cavern - Lurker
    Phantom Armor(H)Shadowfang Keep - Lord Walden
    Bullet-Pierced ChestplateQuest - Fashionism

    Here are the shoulders. I actually found quite a few more that would work but only chose to show a small sampling. The chart lists the chest in order of appearance. I list both the Mantle of the Horusath and the Templar Pauldrons because they share the same graphic as the Shoulders of the Grand Crusader although the gold is slightly differently. The Templar will probably be harder to get than the Horusath, but I never count on bosses dropping anything for me so...

    Alternate Shoulder Pieces

    Mantle of the Horusath* Same Ruins of AQ - Ossirian
    Templar Pauldrons* Same Random Green
    Ripfiend ShoulderplatesWorld Boss - Doom Lord Kazzak
    Pauldrons of the Argent SentinelSerpent Shrine Cavern - Morogrim Tidewalker
    Heroes Remption ShoulderplatesPaladin Tier
    Lord's PauldronsRandom World Green

    And last but not least the full set my paladin is currently wearing! I changed out a few of the "accessories" to put the emphasis on the aqua shades of blue in the Lucky Old Sun I also kept the extra pieces to a "diamond" theme. If you look at the gloves, belt and shoulders, each of them have diamond shaped markings on them. I lvoe the way it turned out. After seeing three other girls in Orgrimmar in my red "super hero hooker" outfit (as my guildies calls it anyway) I decided I need a change and something unique. My biggest concern with putting this quest together is that I had already don the quest in BC and therefore wouldn't be able to get the items. Luckyily I hadn't finished them although I had started the quest lines. I flew around to each NPC in each quest line hopping to be able to pick it up again.

    My second biggest concern was the gloves. I confess. I don't have the Topaz Studded Battlegrips yet. Kazzak a) isn't spawning while I'm camping and b) he's not dropping them when he does spawn! /grumblerottenjerkgrowl I keep a character camped in Hellfire to watch for him on my alt account (don't laugh, I'm addict and can admit it!) and regularly check the AH for any of the items he drops, just to see if he spawned, got killed and I missed him. Been doing that for weeks now, no gloves. /cry I live in hope.




    ShouldersValorous Redemption ShoulderplatesPaladin Tier - Purchase in Dalaran*
    Chest Zandalari Freethinkers BreastplateNo Longer Available
    BeltBorak's Belt of BraveryQuest - Cipher of damnation
    LegsEldritch Reinforced LegplatesDire Maul - Prince Tortheldrin
    BootsEarthmender's Plated BootsEscape from Coilskar Cistern
    HandsTopaz Studded Battlegrips World Boss - Doom Lord Kazzak
    HammerLucky Old SunForge of Souls - Bronjahm
    ShieldBlessed Qiraj BulwharkQuest - Imperial Qiraj Armaments
    CloakCloak of Arcane EvasionCrafted - Lower City Honored Required

    Here's a little teaser of the next set I'll be show casing. It's a set I put together for a holy paladin in my guild. He's pretty good at kissing up and keeping me alive while I'm tanking so I was nice and designed a new outfit for him. He liked my super hero hooker one so much I had to design him his own!

    Also coming up in the next week, tips and tricks for customizing your own transmog sets! I know you can look up certain sets on Wowhead, or pull on off a transmog blog but it's so much more fun and rewarding to mkae your own. You can make unique, look good and match your personality.

    *Many tier pieces used to require tokens dropped off raid bosses in order to purchase them. Now however you can simply purchase the token with Justice Points and then use the token to purchse the item so you don't have to run old raids repeatedly hoping you get your class token for that week's lock out.

    Sunday, March 25, 2012

    White Ribbon

    This is not a transmogrification post, but I feel the need to share it. While flipping through the blogs of other Xmoggers I ran across a strange little picture.

    It was on Effy's blog supporting a "White Ribbon Campaign". I looked at the little sentence in the picture "Working to end violence against woman" and I rolled my eyes. Why? I figured it was some cheesy political club thing. And don't jump all over me assuming I don't think violence against women isn't a serious subject, I do take it very seriously. I've just seen so many projects about it that were started by someone with good intentions and were simply vehicles for someone's political agenda rather than a true desire to help and care for those who had been harmed.

    I clicked the link anyway. And discovered my assumption was wrong. This White Ribbon Campaign was started in support of a fellow gamer who was terribly, brutally hurt. More than just hurt. The first thought to come to mind is that gamers are real people with real lives, not just pixels. Then my heart was touched by the show of support from the rest of the blogging community. She is a gamer. She is a woman. She is a real person. Not just some faceless "this is how you earn gold in WoW" blogger.

    I read some of Alyzande's blog entries telling a little of what happened to her, what she's dealing with and how she felt about the White Ribbon Campaign in her behalf. There are two things she said in her "Hi Honey I'm Home" post stood out to me. The first was to enlarge the campaign to encompass more than just women. Insightful, caring, forgiving.

    I was proud that bloggers had looked beyond the sensationalism of “eep one of our own was hurt” to the wider issue of caring for our fairer sex in general. I’d like to widen that issue further and turn attention to violence to all, not just to women. Mankind is capable of great beauty, of deep thought, but also of great destruction.

    The second addressed my pet peeve. The casual use of the word "rape" among many gamers. "I got raped by that rogue!" Well most often the person who says that has no clue of the reality of the word. In essence they are dumbing it down and casualizing it. You hear the term rape and it's becom common place instead of something to be taken seriously.

    Do me a small favour. When you get ganked in a battleground, yell out in rage that you’ve been “pwned” not “raped”. Rape isn’t a joke.

    Taking down an enemy in a battleground is funny. IRL trauma isn’t.

    Amen sister. I have added a White Ribbon for you. <3

    Updates Coming!

    I haven't posted anything recently but I do have some sets in the works. I think I've spent a lot more time than I planned farming transmog sets and I end up changing my sets every few weeks. Here's a little teaser of something I'm in the middle of. The Smooth Gold Set. See pic. In that upcoming post I will include the following:

  • Where to get the standard smooth gold pieces.

  • Where to get the individual custom pieces I switched out.

  • Where to get alternate pieces in cause you can not acquire a certain quest piece.

  • I must admit what I had in mind when I started putting this set together is definately not what I ended up with! I am however very pleased with results. I've also finished some sets using the Swiftsteel Shoulders, Some of my favorite plate shoulders in the game. So keep checking back. I'll be getting these posted this week!

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    Crystal Swords

    The most well known crystal sword is probably the Phantom Blade. This particular sword has been in the game pretty much from release. Several other swords with the same graphic were added later, a few of them even had fiery or glowy effects. If you love this graphic, here's a list of the swords available in all their colors. Just in case someone is interested in dual weilding some of these puppies they've been sorted by Main Hand and One Hand since

    Main hand weapons can only be used to transmogrify Main hand weapons.*

    One of the swords, Sword of the Archmage is Alliance only and changes to a sword with a different graphic if you transfer factions. The Fiery Retributer is no longer available so IF you happen to still have one in your bank, I'd be for transmogrifying it and showing it off! The Elemental Attuned Blade is a random reward from using your cultist outfit to summon elementals in Silithus. The bonus to this sword is that it is Bind on Equip so it can be sold. The original quests have changed and it has not been verified whether or not this sword is still available. Rumor has it, it still is. However it would be much easier to simply do the quest for the Pilfered Ethereum Blade if you haven't already done it.

    Sword of the Archmage *Alliance OnlyMain HandBoPHonor Hold Faction
    Continuum Blade
    Has purple fiery effect
    Main HandBoPKeepers of Time Faction
    Elemental Attuned BladeMain HandBoERandom reward for killing a summoned mob
    Ethereum Phase BladeMain HandBoENetherstorm Vendor
    Fiery Retributer
    Has orange fiery effect
    One HandBoPNo Longer In Game
    Phantom BladeOne HandBoEBlacksmithing
    Pilfered Ethereum BladeOne HandBoPQuest - Declawing Doomclaw
    Renetaki's Soul SlicerOne HandBoPZul'Gurub Boss Drop
    Vibro SwordOne HandBoPQuest-Cutting Your Teeth

    I must admit that the Vibro Sword is my favorites but then I'm partial to red. I may just have to make a yellow-green set for myself in order to use Renetaki's Soul Slicer as well. There are a couple daggers with the same graphic for any rogues who happen to stealth by, however neither of those daggers are available in game. You might want to take a moment and see if you still have Shard of the Defiler or Wushoolay's Poker in your bank. Happy Hunting!

    *Transmogrification Rules