Sunday, March 25, 2012

Updates Coming!

I haven't posted anything recently but I do have some sets in the works. I think I've spent a lot more time than I planned farming transmog sets and I end up changing my sets every few weeks. Here's a little teaser of something I'm in the middle of. The Smooth Gold Set. See pic. In that upcoming post I will include the following:

  • Where to get the standard smooth gold pieces.

  • Where to get the individual custom pieces I switched out.

  • Where to get alternate pieces in cause you can not acquire a certain quest piece.

  • I must admit what I had in mind when I started putting this set together is definately not what I ended up with! I am however very pleased with results. I've also finished some sets using the Swiftsteel Shoulders, Some of my favorite plate shoulders in the game. So keep checking back. I'll be getting these posted this week!

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