Smashing baby! For those who enjoy the Midas touch check out the Gold Sets I've posted!

Here's an at a glance listing of my gold sets with a basic screenshot and list of items. If you want more information on a specific set, such as difficulty in obtaining or alternate pieces check out the full post by clicking on the set's title.





ShouldersLightforge SpauldersHonor Point Heirloom
ChestHyperion ArmorRandom Vanilla Green Drop
BeltConqueror's GirldeRandom BC Green Drop
LegsLegplates of Blazing LightBoss Drop - Temple of Ahn Qiraj
BootsKhorium BootsBlacksmithing
HandsFiery Plate GauntletsBlacksmithing
Back Shroud of Silvermoon Silvermoon Reputation - Horde only
Main HandBloodskull DestroyerBoss Drop - CoT Old Hillsbrad
ShieldDrillborer DiskBoss Drop - Molten Core
HelmLightbringer War HelmPaladin Tier