Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sexy Plate Transmog Sets

There are numerous sexy plate sets for females in World of Warcraft. Most of them are from Vanilla with a few from the Burning Crusade. For the most part these are all farmable green "recipe sets". Recipe meaning they're designed to fit together. Most of the recipe sets also have recolors. So if you see one up there that you like, but want it in a different color, chances are good you'll be able to find it. The one thing I have changed out in the picture of each of these sets is the shoulders. The recipe shoulders suck. Why? The random green shoulders rarely looked good. You had to raid for the good ones. And frankly, cool looking shoulders are of the utmost importance in making your set stand out.

Revenant Plate

The shoulders used in the picture are the Justice Bearer's Pauldrons although the Soulforge should work just as well.

  • Templar - Gold with Blue
  • Emerald - Green
  • Thorium - Red
  • Runic - Multi
  • Warleader

    I simply used the set shoulders here. There are some extra options for the recolors, for example the Wyrmslayer Spaulders match the Brutish set perfectly.

  • Exalted - Black and Gold
  • Brutish - Burgundy and Bronze
  • Enchanted Adamantite - Purple and Silver
  • Jade

    My personal favorite. Took me months to put this set together. I use Skybreaker's Pauldrons with my set.

  • Tyrant - Antique Gold and Red
  • Saltstone - Silver and Burgundy
  • Conquerors

    I used the Lightforge Spaulders since the gold matches perfectly. The Conqueror's set is also a good mix n match set to complement other gold sets.

  • Bloodscale - Pinkish Red
  • Ornate Mithril - Black Blue Purple
  • Hyperion

    One of the coolest sets in game. I used the (H)Spaulders of Manifold Eyes in the screenshot.

  • Imbued Red and Blue
  • Commanders - Orange Burgundy
  • Enchanted Thorium-Black, Gray and Gold
  • Some notes about finding recolors. Some you just know about because you've seen them. Quite often if you look up a set on Wowhead someone has listed all the recolors in the comments, especially if it's a popular set. If not, you can select the chest, and then use the "same model as" sort option on Wowhead that will allow you to see other chests that use the same model. Quite often you can find that chest in a new color and chances are good there's a full set in that color.

    While I'm not always a big recipe set fan, I like my look to be unique, it can be fun taking a recipe set and finding different pieces to match for a personalized look. Some of the recipe sets are not full sets, they're missing gloves, shoulders, a belt or something, so they can get a challenge to finish out. Happy hunting! I'll have the rest of the "sexy" plate transmog recipe sets up soon. With full lists of their recolors of course!

    Monday, November 5, 2012

    Pink Plate Transmog in MoP

    Yes, indeed. Thank you Blizzard. I'll start out this post by saying that Mist of Pandaria has exceeded my expectations. And I am tickled pink that Blizzard responded to a forum request for pink plate armor. Oh yes! PINK plate!!! It's been a year since I posted that and I know that a few others have posted asking about pink transmog as well.

    The MoP pink set is very classy in my opinion. Definitely not trashy or tacky and the pink is not eye glaring. I admit it could be a bit sexier (show a bit more skin) but that's not a huge draw back for me. I did worry a little bit about finding a matching sword and shield but after playing around with WMV I did find a couple that match. As I update my WMV files (more about that later) I'll add some options.

    It's called the Inner Serenity set. The pink is a recolor of the blue and silver. Very cool looking set. That brings us up to three plate sets with pink. The Bloodscale, the Avenger and now this.