Monday, November 5, 2012

Pink Plate Transmog in MoP

Yes, indeed. Thank you Blizzard. I'll start out this post by saying that Mist of Pandaria has exceeded my expectations. And I am tickled pink that Blizzard responded to a forum request for pink plate armor. Oh yes! PINK plate!!! It's been a year since I posted that and I know that a few others have posted asking about pink transmog as well.

The MoP pink set is very classy in my opinion. Definitely not trashy or tacky and the pink is not eye glaring. I admit it could be a bit sexier (show a bit more skin) but that's not a huge draw back for me. I did worry a little bit about finding a matching sword and shield but after playing around with WMV I did find a couple that match. As I update my WMV files (more about that later) I'll add some options.

It's called the Inner Serenity set. The pink is a recolor of the blue and silver. Very cool looking set. That brings us up to three plate sets with pink. The Bloodscale, the Avenger and now this.

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  1. i found a axe that goes with this perfectly