Saturday, April 28, 2012

By Request: Cloudkeeper Legplates

This is the little teaser I put in my last post. It's for a guildie of mine. He got the Cloudkeeper Legplates while helping me run AQ, loved them and wanted a set to match! While there's a piece or two that match perfect, there is no full set. I had a lot of fun coordinating the proper shades of blue and gold to make a full suit for this set. And a personal perk for me is I found another set that goes well with my favorite plate shoulders, the Swiftsteel Shoulders which you might have recognized from my teaser pic!




ShouldersSwiftsteel ShouldersBlacksmithing - BoP
Chest Truesilver BreastplateBlacksmithing - BoE
BeltGirdle of the DawnBlacksmithing - BoE
Legs Cloudkeeper LegplatesWorld Epic - Vanilla Raids
BootsBoots of the Fallen HeroAQ 40 - Vem
HandsGloves of the Dawn Blacksmithing - BoE
HammerHammer of the Astral PlaneNaxxramas - Kel'Thuzad
ShieldAegis of DamnationNaxxramas - Maexxna

As you can see there's a lot of Blacksmithing involved in this set. The only required reputation for this set is Argent Dawn. Since I didn't have the required faction I had to run Fiona's Caravan quests and do a couple quests out of Light's Hope Chapel, took less than an hour to get to revered. The on hitch in the Blacksmithing department are of course the Swiftsteel Shoulders. Since they are BoP, you have to be a blacksmith yourself. The Lightforge Spaulders are an acceptable substitute and they really bring out the gold in the set. For the belt, there are a quite few gold belts that "match" color wise but kept the set from feeling balanaced. I tried the Conqueror's Girdle for example, but the gold in the middle was too much so I went with the Girdle of the Dawn which was more subtle. Since you're already grinding for the glove pattern, you might was well purchase the belt pattern as well. The toughest part of this set? Getting the legs!!
Here's the teaser for the next set. It's orange of course! I made it for my orc Warrior and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out. It's a bit of a challenge to find things that I like for my warrior. The blood elf? She's easy. Orc females? That's a different story!


  1. Any suggestions for a cloak for this set ?

  2. Actually several come to mind but I'll have to look them up since I don't recall exact names. I'll add them in another post this week!

  3. I love the look of this set and I can even pick up the legs from my server AH for a decent price. I'd be putting it on my belf Arms warrior so any recommendations for a 2h sword for this set?

    1. Hey Jedge, will get some posted here in a couple days. Do you simply prefer swords? There are some nice two hand axes and hammers that will work with set as well. It was nice of Blizz to remove the sword > sword restrictions in 5.2.