Monday, May 28, 2012

What Rhymes With Orange?

Well nothing really, I think orange is almost the only word in the English language that nothing rhymes with! And a fitting name for this set. It was hard to find matching orange pieces that could be worn by one class. Originally I had pally gloves and warrior shoulders planned out! I stuck with the warrior though and found pieces to match her. In case you didn't guess from the teaser pic, this set is based on the orange one from the background picture.
In order to complete this set you'll have to run quite a few Cata raids and farm faction. I do list some alternatives however and I must admit that once again I haven't quite completed this set on my warrior. I'm still working on the belt from Heroic BWD, and I've decided I'll make do with another shield since I can't stomach grinding the Shattered Sun dailies again. The shoulders are an older tier piece. Luckily, the Void Reaver in Tempest Keep is fairly easy to solo as a meelee. It does help and speed things up to take one ranged dps with you though.




Shoulders Destroyer Shoulderguards Warrior Tier 5
ChestBreastplate of Ire JP vendor in Shattrath
BeltBelt of Absolute ZeroHeroic BWD- Maloriak
LegsLeggings of the UrsaQuest-Deadwood of the North
BootsMaster Cannoneer BootsStratholme -Willey Hopebreaker
HandsConqueror's GauntletsRandom Green
HandsConqueror's HelmetRandom Green
Main HandEye of PurificationFirelands - Boss drop
ShieldDawnforged DefenderShattered Sun - Exalted

I used the Conqueror's Gauntlets on my warrior since the best matching orange gloves were Paladin only. The Conqueror's Aegis Gauntlets can be acquired by running the Vault of Archavon and getting lucky. You might even get the Black War Mammoth. If you want to make this set as a pally the Conqueror's Aegis Shoulderplates are a good switch for the shoulders. The Glimmering Steel Mantle from Mount Hyjal will also match the set. I'm currently using the Shard of Torment as my shield, and I plan to transmog it only if I manage to get The Fel Barrier. I refuse to pay 20k gold for the Skullflame Shield!

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