Tuesday, August 21, 2012

WoW Factor Coming to Deathwing

Wooot! WoW Factor is hitting my home server, Deathwing, Horde side. I am quite stoked about this. They'll be there on Saturday, September 8th. Meeting time and place has yet to be announced. If you don't have a Deathwing toon, roll an alt and come check out the action! If you happen to play on Deathwing by the way, we do have a Facebook page. Just in case ya didn't know!

Now here's the hard part! What toon do I enter? Which outfit do I pick?! Oh the choices! I think have at least two full trasnmog sets for each of my 85's. Main spec and off spec of course. Now Svarya, my main....Her void storage is full. Her bank is full. She has probably....seven full sets? And several sets in the works! Ugh...I transmog too much! But it is just so much fun! I love the ability to make my character look stylish, sexy and unique. This is one thing I will whole hearted say "Good job Blizzard!" to.

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