Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Greatsword of Pride's Fall

Morning. Of course it's Tuesday. Time to myself, servers are down, let's make a blog post!! My most recent trasmog set is in fact one that I've mostly used before. I've changed a few key pieces and I'm very excited about it! I designed the transmog around a specific piece of gear, the Greatsword of Pride's Fall of course! When I first saw this sword before the patch hit I thought "Man...who wants a sword with a bunch of eye balls? eww!" When the time came around for the sword to drop for me, well I had had a change of heart.

I started SoO as a tank. I love tanking and it used to be my main spec. One of our super nice DK tanks, Erragal stepped aside and brought his lock instead. Yay for candy! And portals. Then our shaman had to step down from raiding for a while so we filled her spot with a warlock. Well no need for two warlocks. My pally pulls much more damage than his lock and a couple fights we shaved pretty close on the enrage timer so I went back to ret and he to tanking. Well, I'd been looking at tanking stuff and checking out the tank changes, and I haven't really been IN to ret to be honest. So it was with some uh...ill concealed grumpiness I started really looking into it.

I wasn't impressed with my dps. I had a nice 530 ilvl but my dps was still so-so. I double checked most of the guides I knew of to make sure I wasn't missing anything but I still wasn't quite pulling what I felt I should. So I asked my buddy Vy for a little help. He does some amazing pew pew on his pally (he's heals now) and I know he's pretty good at getting down to the nitty gritty. He verified my CD usage, stat priority and abilities. Then he asked "What weapon are you using?" And I said "A ToT LFR one." He said "You're gonna suck until you get a new weapon!" Well ok, he didn't tell me I sucked but he did tell me I needed a new weapon. Somehow I missed the run down on damage equations on Elitist Jerks. Is it just me or is the majority of our damage based on weapon damage? Ooops! Time for a new weapon!

I wasn't holding out much hope. I'd done a killer transmog for my Bo'Ris polearm (I'll have to post that too) but hadn't had much luck getting much more than some shoulders, trinket and ton of gold from LFR, flex and regular. Stupid coin rolls. A few days later I got my Greatsword of Pride's Fall in LFR. Even without reforges, enchants or gems (look at the crappy socket bonus tho! only 60 str? really? 60?!) it was HUGE jump in my dps. And I had been working on a killer green transmog for Garrosh slaying and the sword happened to match that as well. Better and better! Progression raid night rolls around and we get our first Sha of Pride kill. Go us! He even dropped things that could be used so we didn't have to DE anything. And I decided at the last minute to use my seal and I won it. Not just a regular greatsword but a warforged Greatsword of Pride Fall! Well dayum!! Made my day and then of course my xmoggy guildie call it ugly. (we'll ignore the fact that I did agree with him earlier) Well heck, them's fightin' words boy! I of course at the point HAD to transmog just for the sword! Muahahah!

I decided to run and just grab my Crystalforge set really quick during our break since it was the only purple I had on hand. Well I took a sec and just checkout a few other pieces I had in void storage and ended up swapping out a couple pieces.




Shoulders Crystalforge Pauldrons Paladin Tier
ChestBreastplate of AnnihilationProphet Skeram in Ahn Qiraj
BeltRoyal Qiraji BeltVek'lor in Ahn Qiraj
LegsCrystalforge LeggingsPaladin Tier
BootsBoots of Courage UnendingRandom mob drop - SSC
HandsCrystalforge GlovesPaladin Tier

As you can see I switch out two pieces that are look alikes for the Warrior AQ set, Conqueror's Battlegear. I would LOVE to have a look alike helm as well but if I decide to do a helm, I usually don't, I'll just have to find something else. The Crystalforge one actually isn't too bad. I love the sea foam green details in the chest and belt. That little bit of contrast makes it stand out and keeps it from being too matchy matchy as tier sometimes gets. I plan to hit AQ for the Gauntlets of Annihilation since I like a sleeker, smaller glove graphic.

My Golem Shard Legging set, as mentioned in Go for the Gold! has been put on hold for now. I like the green set I was working better, so it will probably be finished sooner. My guildie is still farming for just the right boots for his set. Only one pair of boots has that graphic, it drops off a rare spawn that has a low spawn rate and the boots have a low drop rate to boot. Whew! Anyways...those shall be unveiled soon!! I hope....


  1. Excellent use of that sword. The overall set looks like you're made of hard crystals, with a weapon being slowly devoured by pride, itself. Grats on the amazing drop, and the amazing set that followed. :p

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