Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Conqueror's Plate - Go For the Gold!

Morning ladies and gents. I've been meaning to get this posted for quite some time now. Somehow all of my plate wearers (sans DK who's leveling atm) ended up in variations of the Conqueror set. So why the Conqueror set? It's versatile!! It's excellent as a stand alone set, it's amazing as mix n match. It goes with a good many Paladin tier sets and many of the fiery red and gold Vanilla pieces. It's sexy, it's smooth, it's classy.

It all started way back when I was making this blog. You'll see a nice little human gal on the right hand side in all gold with a big flaming sword. When they brought back the Mastercraft Blacksmithing weapons in 5.2 I decided it was time to make that sword. And considering I had farmed for the pattern for those shoulders already I was set. Frankly those are some of the sexiest plate shoulders in game, the Swiftsteel Shoulders. I love, love, LOVE! these things. Did I mention I absolutely love them? I'm sure you've seen them used a few times. I ended up with a lot of Conqueror's Plate after some BT runs for miscellaneous pieces of gear. So after a month of crafting Lightning Steel Ingots for Blazefurythe set was made.

This is the full Conqueror's set. I'm using Blazefury for my main hand which takes a minimum of a month to make if you're a blacksmith. Or you can hit the AH and pay anywhere from 20k to about 40k gold for it. The Swiftsteel Shoulders are BoP so you have to be a blacksmith in order to make them. I used the Skyking Bulwark . It's a nice BoE item so you should be able to find it on your AH for a decent amount. The best way to "farm" it would be to run ToT LFRs or farm Isle of Thunder mobs. It can drop other places but the majority of drops come from Isle of Thunder. The shield I would really like to use with this set I haven't tried farming for. Pyckles was collecting dust before they added the new loot spec option. The raid finder version of Twinned Despair just has some sexy colors in it.
Here's my orc. One of my favorite pieces of art in World of Warcraft:The Art of The Trading Card Game depicts a female guard in Org with nice abs. Plus I love the racials for my warrior. I was going to do the same shoulders on this character but decided to go with pieces of the Heroism set instead. Hey, the blue matched her eyes. I used the shoulders and then since I needed one more little piece to pull in some blue I used the belt as well. It was the last day of Darkmoon Fair for the month and I just happened to have enough tickets. After staring at her a few days I decided I did NOT like it! The Conqueror's Breastplate made the shape of her chest funny. I had already used my Glorious BP on the Blood Elf, so I hit Wowhead for look alikes. A quick series of quests later and she's rocking the Nether Protector's Chest. MUCH better! I stayed Titan's Grip for the Crystalforged Waraxe
And here is the Glorious chest that I had already used. I got it for like 150g on the AH or something obscenely cheap. "Conqueror's again? Yep, looks good. Now for the shoulders...." after going through my void storage I chose the Glimmering Steel Mantle from Hyjal. I was farming for the Blood-Stained Pauldrons when these dropped. I wasn't excited about them but kept them anyway for "just in case". They don't match the Conqueror's Breastplate very well because of all the orange in chest piece but work wonderfully with the Glorious. I got all excited about the pinky purpley and pulled out my Crimson Beholder Eye and it was a lovely match! Add a Mystical Cape and you've got a nice taste of femininity to go with the big bad polearm. Oh yes, the polearm. Elementium Poleaxe. Where would you be without a pink weapon? Truth to tell it was the only polearm that really matched. The is an awesome big gold intimidating Mogu polearm but it's NPC only. Dang.
And the must have tank or healing set. I liked shields. And another pink weapon. There isn't much to use Netherbane with so I was excited to pull it out. I did give the Kingly Axe some consideration though. Now add in a Titansteel Shield Wall and you're good to go. The Light-Bearer's Faith Shield would also be a good match but the gold is slightly paler.

Originally on my ret set I was using Soul Cleaver to transmog my Shin'Ka, Execution of Dominion until the polearm dropped from ToT. Well there goes nice big gold ax and I had a hard time finding a polearm to match. Most looked puny on a blood elf, were the wrong color or were held awkwardly. I must admit it's my pet peeve that two hand weapons are sooo tiny on Blood Elves. I know we're dainty but still, let us at swing something larger than a knitting needle!
So those are the current plate sets I'm sporting. I'm working on a special new set for Svarya atm for the express purpose of looking good while killing Garrosh. /wick grin I am so excited about that. Maybe the mamby pamby Thrall will get killed during the Siege of Org and he'll ankh himself and be the bad ass he was back in Hyjal. Yeah right...ok then. I was putting together a nice dark set with touches of gold and then guildie started working on a set along the same lines. His turned out pretty darn awesome. I'll be posting it next week. We still have to farm a few pieces though. I'll also post my "draft" set that I planned around the Golem Shard Leggings. I'm not sold on it yet though so we'll see.


  1. Lovely Conqueror's plate sets! That was Amerisia's very first transmog set containing uncommon items. I'm a fan of midriff. :p

  2. Those are all gorgeous, but my favorites are the first set with the Swiftsteel Shoulders and the blue/purple/gold set.

    I look forward to seeing your guildie's outfit and also your Golem Shard Leggings set. :D

  3. I LOVE the Swiftsteel Shoulders too! But I'm really happy with how the gold and pink set turned out. The other two sets are slowly....slowly coming together, either due to items not dropping, farming smithing mats or just time in general. I may just do a WMV post of my black n gold set.