Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It Looks Better On You

I took a moment to redo the For The Tauren outfit and put it on a Blood Elf. Looks better on the Tauren me thinks! The shoulders sit a little differently, the chest piece doesn't fit the same and belt seems clunkier. So judging from the comparison my quest "Make a Taurn Look Good" was a success! While the set doesn't look bad on a Blood Elf, there are quite a few sets that would look better.

I'm currently working on the "Top Ten Reasons to Level Blacksmithing" I've found some incredible pieces that bind on pickup when they're made by a blacksmith. Big drawback if you don't have blacksmithing leveled already. And it's turning out some patterns may no longer be available in game so I'm searching to find my favorite pieces that can still be learned and let you know where to get the pattern! Perhaps I can provide you with enough incentive to level a new craft. I may have to break down and drop mining in favor of BS just so I can make those Swiftsteel Shoulders.

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