Saturday, October 15, 2011

Imbued With Blue

While flipping through WoW Model Viewer I ran across a fun pair of legs. The Bejeweled Legguards are lovely. I love the cobalt blue with the red swirlies. Unfortunately, I ran into that funny problem that Cataclysm caused, they are no longer available in game. There was no "same model as" tab in Wowhead, but I proceded anyway. I knew there was a chest that seemed to match and I wanted to see how they looked together.

The chest is the Imbued Plate Armor. I quickly went through and checked to see if there were other Imbued Plate pieces. Woot! A full set! Complete with legs of the same graphics as the Bejeweled ones. One problem, I didn't quite like it. The shoulders were an obvious "Don't match!" and I felt the belt was a little too busy. It drew the eye to the waist and you missed the rest of the armor. So I switch out a few a pieces and here's what I came up with.ed

As you can see I switched out the belt, boots and shoulders. The shoulders were a "must" /shudder, and the quieter belt allowed the eye to look at the full set of the armor, not just the middle. The boots, those were personal preference. Unfortunately the Bloodsoaked Greaves in the redo are longer in game so I stayed with the Imbued Plate Greaves. I chose the Grimscale Belt since I felt the red of the Imbued Plate Girlde was too much. However if you do prefer the red for the belt the Girlde of Galantry is another fitting option.

I went through every set of plate shoulders I could find. Quite a few sort of fit, but with a "meh" feeling. The Pauldrons of the Great Ettin were the right color combination for all that they are of a totally different style. Their size balanced out the multitude of color in the armor and kept them from being too diminuitive. The Slatesteel Shoulders or the Symbolic Pauldrons were also good matches, but didn't have quite the impact as the Ettins.

I wasn't sure what I wanted when I began looking at cloaks. At first I was thinking of finding a red and blue one, not a very common combination. I hadn't looked far when I came across the Arakkoa Sage's Shawl. Not only was the blue perfect, the solid color once again supported the armor, rather than detracted from it.

I used the same rule of simplicity while looking for a sword and shield as well. This is one of the few sets I've put together where I haven't tried for an eye catching shield. The smooth lines and soft shades of the Rock Golem Bulwark allow you to look at the colors of the armor instead being intimidated by some giant bulwhark on the left arm. The Battlecaster's Edge nicely complemented both the shield and the armor set.

This set is MUCH easier to acquire than the Dark Iron plate. It is all drops or from quests that are available to either faction.




Shoulders Pauldrons of the Great Ettin (H)Heroic Raid Boss
ChestImbued Plate Armor Random Green Drop
BeltGrimscale BeltRandom Green Drop
LegsImbued Plate LegingsRandom Green Drop
BootsImbued Plate GreavesRandom Green Drop
Hands Imbued Plate Gauntlets Random Green Drop
BackArakkoa Sage's ShawlQuest - Horde or Alliance
Main HandBattlecaster's EdgeQuest - Horde or Alliance
Shield Rock Golem BulwarkDungeon Boss Drop

The image below is an accidental "recolor". To be honest, I still have no idea how it happened but I thought it was quite interesting and gives a good idea of how armor is changed by simple recolors. I actually like the old red with the green too. All else fails I can just say my Human Female is getting ready for Halloween!

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