Monday, October 10, 2011


This is Pyckles Fashion Plates, a site for the discerning plate wearer who wishes to look fashionable, daring, bold, confident, deadly, sexy or you name it. I will be compiling different sets of armor each week for you to preview and listing what each item is and how to get it, along with suggestions for pieces to switch in order to customize your look to your tastes. I also have numerous pages set up by color for individual armor pieces so that you can begin making your own personalized set.

I am very excited about Transmogging coming up in Patch 4.3. In Svarra's Closet I admitted I often selected a piece of armor by looks over stats until stats became more important at level 60 when I started raiding. Since transmogging allows you to make one piece of armor look like another piece of armor it gives you the ability to customize the look of what you're wearing and now I don't have to worry about whether my gear matches or not. There are restrictions however, take a second to check out the full Transmog Rules before you plan on switching your dagger to a fish or your polearm to a broom!

Even with Patch 4.2 a ways off, many people are already out farming their tier sets. I however don't just want a tier set, I want a set that looks killer. And since I like to change my outfits on occasion I want several sets that look killer. Since I'm a tank, I also need sword and shield to match. My quest log kept flagging me as "Failed" in my search for a site that gave a basic run down of plate set looks and individual pieces from quests, rare drops, etc. I finally found the site Role Paly Gear and perused Wowheadnews's Transmog Guides but while they were helpful they weren't quite satisfying.

So I got started. This site will under go daily updates to the color pages. I'll be adding links and reviews to other helpful Mogging or RPing sites for extra inspiriation and ideas. Since I'll be concentrating mainly on plate armor to begin with, I'll try to add the occasional suggestion for other armor sets well. Enjoy.

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