Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sexy Plate Transmog - Red & Gold

Well this is the last set of sexy (skimpy) transmog "recipe" sets - as they call them over at WoW Roleplay Gear. All of these sets are BoE greens than can be found grinding certain dungeons or zones. You can put together plenty of unique and individual sexy outfits but this covers the plate pieces that come in full sets. Some of these sets will have a single recolor that doesn't have a full set like the Warior's Embrace It's a black and gray recolor of the Glorious Breastplate.

Warlords Iron

This set is actually the same as the Warmaul set which is also plate. The recolors listed are all mail. I used the Brackenshell Shoulderplates and Belt of the Fallen Emperor with this set.

  • Radiant Mail - Orange
  • Lord's Mail - Silver
  • Glorious Plate

    this is one of the more sought after sets and can be difficult to acquire. Try farming Ahn Qiraj, Dire Maul and Silithus. I used the default shoulders this time instead of switching them.
  • Lofty - Gold & Green
  • Vanguard - Blue & Gold
  • Bloodfist Plate

    The two recolors for the set are the same. Both red/red set while this set is gold with red. I used the Drake Talon Pauldrons with this set instead of the default.
  • Darkcrest - Red
  • Boulderfist - Red
  • Shattered Hand Plate

    This set has a robotish feel to it and isn't as pretty as some others. However a lot of the pieces are good for mixing and matching.
  • Grimscale - Bluish gray
  • Oh yes, just an FYI, the chest pieces look a LOT different on males!! Happy transmogging!


    1. Glorious set. Farmed for weeks not a single piece has dropped. D:

      1. It's a VERY hard drop. I opened the first actual tmog store just from farming the BC instances. I only wanted those pink bikini bottoms. I quickly found, after ten straight days of countless farming that it would sometimes take a LONG time to get what you desired. BUT, along the way I realized that my bags were full of awesome and beautiful gear that people would pay out the ass I offered a discount and the rest is history. Keep farming. You never know what you'll find <3 Queen Ariamenethil of Ner'zhul