Sunday, February 24, 2013

Transmog in Patch 5.2

There are some exciting changes coming up in Patch 5.2, rumored to be released March 5. Many of these center around the Blacksmithing tradeskill and weapon transmogrification. I am personally looking forward to these changes because some incredible new graphics will be made available once again and you will have greater options of weapon transmog to match your gear.

  • Speed level blacksmithing with current materials
  • Return of the Master Crafter weapons such as Blazefury /drool
  • Reclassification of one hand and two hand Weapons
  • Levling Blacksmithing

    They plan on making it possible to level your craft using current materials, much the way you can now level cooking without having to go back and farm bear flanks and mystery meat. I discovered this while checking through Wowhead News for more information on the old BC Master Craft weapons. I recently dropped skinning on my paladin and have started leveling blacksmithing. It's a pain. I have to go back and farm copper, mithril, iron and so on. Once 5.2 hits you'll be able to level blacksmithing with just ghost iron. Here's a quick little video I found on YouTube that covers the gist of this change.

    This video was made closer to the beginning of testing. I just checked PTR and there is no quest to pick up. You simply learn the training projects from the trainer. I'm working on a more in depth post for the whole blacksmithing thing in 5.2.

    Alright, next question, how does this affect the Auction House? I know for a fact that there are people crying their eyes out that this will nerf their AHing profits. People who farm lowbie mats and then AH them. Well...IF this is available to 90's only then people who are leveling up their lowbies will still farm mats to level their tradeskills. Also this is for level purposes only. That Ornate Mithril set I want for my Death Knight? I'm still going to have to get the mats and pass them on to my favorite blacksmith. This change only covers leveling. It does not replace any of the old world recipes.

    So to sum up, what do you want to do in prep for 5.2 and black smith leveling? FARM GHOST IRON!

    Master Craft Weapons

    Back in Burning Crusade, they added the Master Crafting. You could specialize in hammers or swords or maces and what you would get, is a freaking cool weapon. You could upgrade that weapon into an even cooler looking weapon and they were BoP so that you could be one of the few who had that weapon. Too bad you couldn't make a killing selling them on the AH however. Well those quest lines and the corresponding weapons were removed from the game some time ago. This caused a great weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth when transmog was introduced. There have been many requests on the forums, on Wowhead comments and in general for these item skins to be reintroduced to the game. Well wish granted!!

    Wowhead gives a basic run down of all the weapons being "brought back" and how to obtain them. Blacksmithing will have its own discovery system much like Alchemy. Blacksmiths will create a Lightning Steel Ingot and in doing so have the chance to learn an unknown pattern, including some of the old Master Craft weapons. This item may or may not have a 24 CD. It most likely will (which will suck imo) but we can keep our fingers crossed until the patch comes out. These items will BoP so they will be for Blacksmiths only. Hooray for the new BS speed leveling option! I just dropped skinning on my pally and started leveling BS so she could make the Dawnsteel shoulders as shown in my Cloudkeeper Legs transmog post.

    So once again to sum up, what do you want to do in prep for 5.2 and blacksmith crafting? FARM GHOST IRON!

    And last but not least... Weapon RecLassification

    On the PTR you can now transmog swords into axes, axes into maces and so on. You can do this for both one and two hand items. You of course can't transmog a one hand with a two hand items however. Many of the item that were classified specifically as main hand or off hand are now simply one hand. BRAVO!! I had a heck of a time in Cata farming for the right weapon so I could transmog it to match my gear. I'd find the perfect hammer and then an upgrade would drop, like Souldrinker. Then it was back to the drawing board to either find a new transmog set or a new weapon.

    Here is my current two handed axe. On the PTR I transmogged it into The Oathkeeper a two handed hammer. I used The Oathkeeper with my Sapphirium pally tier set. All I can say is hoooray for this change!! I'm a fan to two handed swords personally, and I don't care to use a hammer or an axe usually. There are so many amazing two handed swords. The only problem is even if it is a two hander it still looks tiny on a Blood Elf.

    Current in live the Bronze Mace is a main hand weapon. Well I transferred my Blacksmith to the PTR and made one. (Good luck finding a weapon on the PTR auction house, BTW) On the PTR it is now a one hand weapon. I also made it, equipped and transmogged it to a sword. So you CAN xmog maces into sowrds and vice versa etc. The main hand / off hand restrictions have been removed on many of the weapons.

    So to sum up, farm a ton of ghost iron, level your Blacksmithing and dust off that sword you've been saving and be ready to change your axe!

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