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Cloaks for Cloudkeeper's Legplates

A comment was recently posted on Cloudkeepers Legplates asking about cloaks for that particular set. I thought of several blue cloaks with gold borders. Well after trying these cloaks on, I decided that most won't work. The blue is too bright. So I started from scratch and went through every cloak in the game. I found several types of cloaks that work well with this set. Yellow, Blue, White, Gray and Fancy. Might be a bit of information overload, on the other hand, I do want to offer a selection so that you can fit your own style.

Also some of the cloaks listed may be of different lengths. And you can't just pick a cloak, go to Wowhead and click "same model as" since you'll get a TON of cloaks in all different colors. I've tried to select the easiest of each cloak to acquire for either faction. One of the cloaks is Alliance though. Too bad Blood Elves can't wear Stormwind Capes!

From left to right:

The Vintage Satin Cloak is a random green drop which you should be able to find on the AH. Of for an eventual sure drop hit the Underbog for Cloak of Healing Rays

Blightcloth Cloak is made by tailors. If you prefer a short cloak try the Bright Cloak which can be found on the AH.

Insignia Cloak is another one of those wonderful and easy to acquire lowbie AH items. Or just farm Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery.

My favorite of this grouping is Tapestry of the Frozen Throne. Good luck getting it. It has an extremely low drop rate from the Captains Chest at the end of Halls of Reflection. However, for a short version of this cloak you can look for Patched Cape which drops off high level 60's.

From left to right:

Suede Cloak is a nice handy green drop. If you are Alliance, you can get this in long, short and split depend on which version of the Caretaker's Cape you purchase from Illiyana Moonblaze in Ashenvale.

The Abjurer's Cloak is best found while farming rare spawns in Tanaris if you can't manage to find it on the AH.

The Shattershore Cloak is a quest reward. Luckily it has the same graphic for both Horde and Alliance.

And the PvP cloak! Pretty much go to a PvP vendor for you faction and dressing room his cloaks until you find this one. One set is season 11 Ruthless. Or you can just have a tailor make you a Vicisou Embersilk Cape. If you have points to spare I'd just buy one though.

From left to right:

This is my favorite of the white ones, the Bonelink Cape and it's easy to acquire of find on the AH. Run Dire Maul or Razorfen Downs and you should see one drop.

The Gossamer Cape is another easy green drop. I personally don't care much for the red in the border but it has a crisper appearance than the other cloaks.

Reanimator's Cloak drops of any number of mobs in Drak'Theron Keep. Since it is BoE you may also find it on the AH.

And of course the Cape of Stormwind is purchased from the Stormwind faction vendor in, you guessed it, Stormwind. WARNING: Taurens, do NOT attempt to purchase!! It is Alliance only.

From left to right:

My favorite of this set, there are only two cloaks with this graphic. Shroud of the Citadel from Sapphirion in 10m Naxx or Drape of Icy Intent in the Rare Cache of Winter from 25m Ulduar. In order to access the Rare Cache you need to burn Hodir down before he smashes it.

The easiest two of this cloak to get (no green AH one sorry!) are from Ebon Blade Faction or a Sholazar quest. Post-partum Aggression rewards Cloak of the Deadliest Game. Or you can purchase the Dark Soldiers Cape once you reach honored with Ebon Blade.

A Leatherworker can you make you the Shifting Cloak.

And the Opulent Cape is a nice AH green! Or a common drop in Zul'Farrak.

From left to right:

Ooops! Small problem. Wowhead doesn't have this particular cloak in it's database! /cry Going by it's item number, it is most likely a Cata item that was never used. However you can get close to the same effect with Dreamcrusher Drape, a split cloak with the same colors. I'm hoping that we might see this cloak later in MoP. I feel like I've seen it before but can't find another quite like it.

The Cloak of Tranquil Cloud drops of any of the rare spawns in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. You can purchase a pointy version of the cloak from the Shado Pan. The Sagewhisper's Wrap is available at honored.

My favorite. I might have to design a set specifically for this cloak. The Nanoprecise Cape is a Cataclysm cloak that can now be purchased with Justice points.

And last but not least Cloak of the Iron Council drop off the Iron Council (surprise surprise!) in 10m Ulduar. The other option would be the Shroud of Redeemed Souls from the nasty caster sisters in Sunwell Plateau.

Well I hope this provides enough to get you started! While not all these cloaks are "perfect" most of them look decent with the set and if all else fails, use one until you can finally get that one raid drop cloak. I would personally probably go with the Cloak of the Iron Council with this set, although the Shroud of the Citadel would be a close second.

I also discovered some fun variations of this set posted on WoW Role Play Gear. I designed this set around the shoulders and legs for a friend of mine. Noelani designed her sets around the Truesilver Breastplate. She has some more ideas for shoulders, boots, etc.

Happy transmogging!

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